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Mar 3, 2014 05:56 AM

Where's the best pizza? I've got such a craving!!!

Love NYC style pizza. Where's the best in NOLA?

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  1. Pizza Delicious. Closed, however, today and tomorrow.

    1. Nothing compares to Pizza Delicious.

      1. Pizza D is the best NY style pizza in nola. That being said, it can't hold it's own against most mom and pop joints in Jersey. Mediocre sauce.

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        1. re: JazzyB

          id argue it can hold its own. my dad is a brooklyn native and used to sling pie, he thinks they have a winner. tho the cheese could be gooier, so we get the margarita w/ added shredded mozz, it's a great pizza.

        2. I'd pay less attention to "NYC style" and focus on the best pizzas, period, which for my money, are found at Domenica, Theo's, Ancora, Midway and Tower of Pizza (Metairie). Stylistically all over the map, but what the hell?

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          1. re: sanglier

            Of those, only Domenica can hold a stick to Pizza Delicious. I don’t think it’s fair to compare PD to my favorite joints in Brooklyn, but it is the best New York style pizza I’ve ever had outside the Northeast. That includes Florida, Atlanta, Washington DC, Cali and other places I’ve spent significant time.

          2. actually there is a pizza place inside the hyatt by the Supedome that has great NYC style pizza. Limited location for delivery but you can pick up there and it is super cheap, like 11 or 13 bucks for a huge pizza.

            504) 310-3200

            This is not a chain store pizza. This is hand crafted, chef-quality pizza. Using locally sourced, organic ingredients, we turn delicious homemade dough into ...

            601 Loyola Ave, New

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            1. re: hawaiigirlnola

              we tried it -- i had their free samples once and it was good, dug their message. but ordered a pie for pick up and it was pretty bad, poorly executed and very disappointing. have not gone back, eek.