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Mar 28, 2002 10:40 AM

Recent visits to Cube?

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We'll be in Montreal for a quick weekend visit next month and will be staying at the Hotel St. Paul. I read the three posts here from last year on its restaurant, Cube, which all seemed to be so-so. Has anyone been recently? If so, I'd really appreciate any feedback as to whether we should make a res or not, and on particular dishes to order. I'm hoping it has improved with time!

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  1. My fiance went there last night and LOVED it. My other friend is a chef and talks about it all the time. I think it is a safe choice for you.

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      Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it.

    2. Four of us went and all had great meals, no complaints about anything. Great service too.
      Have the mushroom tart to start, or the tuna (3-ways). two of us had duck and two of us had scallop + sweetbreads combo. The chocolate volcano (soufle) and creme brulee are very good.

      We ate at Toqué the night before and this was even better.

      1. I'm from Montreal. Although I've never been to Cube, I can say that the location is good. It's right on the edge of Old Montreal, and is also close to downtown Montreal. Cube is located in a beautiful newly-renovated building on McGill College which also houses the hotel.


        1. I despised it, actually. I found the flavours to be running together all over the place in all my courses. I've also been to Toque in Montreal, and I reccomend it high and above Cube.

          I'd honestly give cube a 2-star rating. We were travelling, and ended up very disappointed. Having been to gourmet establishments all over the world, this actually ranks as one of my worst overall experiences, I'm sorry to say.