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Favorite chocolate chip cookies from an LA area bakery?

I'm visiting LA and would love to hear raves on great bakeries whose chocolate chip cookies you crave. (West LA, Pasadena area or Valley... Even OC as I am roving)

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  1. If you haven't tried the CCC's http://bullfrogandbaum.com/wp-content... from Stella Barra http://www.stellabarra.com/ I would say they ought to be on your short list for the Oscar (sorry...but they were on my mind for some reason).

    1. Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock has amazing house made chocolate chip cookies…Very large, and very thin.

      1. Clementine makes a good chocolate chip cookie.

        Tavern is also quite good. I adore the fact that you can order them crispy or chewy.

        1. I'm generally biased towards my own homemade version, but I also really like the ccc's at Farmshop in Brentwood.

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            Will you please give me your recipe? I just made some and they kind of sucked :(

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              This may belong on the home cooking board, but here goes. My "recipe" is more of a riff on the back of the Nestle Toll House morsels bag. Use more brown sugar and less white sugar. Make sure the butter is really at room temperature, and cream the butter and sugars very well before adding anything else. Use the best quality semi-sweet or bitersweet chocolate chunks / chips / discs you can get your hands on (i.e. not the Toll House ones - sorry Nestle), and add about 25% more than the amount the recipe calls for. Key tip, c/o the Jacques Torres CCC recipe in the NY Times - wrap the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 24-72 hours (longer is better) before scooping and baking. Speaking of scooping, bigger is better, if you like crunchy caramelized edges and softer middles, which I do. Bake for about a minute less than you think should.

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                Thanks-I'm going to try it out this week!!

          2. La Provance on Olympic and Lapeer - AMAZE balls!!!!

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                Yep. All the above mentioned are all 'okay' (I've tried them all) but Proof's are addictive.
                The combo between sweet and salty is 'proof' that a stellar chocolate chip cookie can be found in LA.

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                  As I bake lots (hence my name) my husband doesn't see the need for "store-bought" baked stuff.

                  Until I gave him a salted cc cookie from Proof. He was in love!

                  From that day on, whenever we've been in the neighborhood, we always consider stopping off at Proof.

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                    As a baker, what do you think makes that cookie so outstanding?
                    Your professional opinion please? :-)

                    I'd give anything to be able to even come close to being able to make them.

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                      Latindancer - you know I'm not a professional! Just a very happy baker : )

                      Two things instantly stand out. Okay - three.

                      1. The quality of their chocolate. And with a decent amount of cocoa fat.
                      2. The shape of the chocolate chunks or disks, which affects how they melt. Not classic chips, flatter. (Can't tell you completely, I had a very happy holiday season, so I'm still trying to be good in 2014 to make up for that and have been staying away. Sigh.)
                      3. The perfect amount of salt on top.

                      And, I've never done it, but I wonder if they make their dough ahead of time. Many articles have talked of "aging" chocolate chip cookie dough and how having it rest for 24 hours in the fridge makes such a difference in richness and complexity.

                      I'd also say they use a high quality vanilla, but that's more of a "Duh! Of course!"

                      Smitten KItchen tends to be an obsessive baker, and this recipe involves resting, the size of the chocolate chunks, and salt. Play away, you could come very close!


                      1. re: latindancer

                        Just speaking for me personally, and just about Proof's regular chocolate chip cookie (in fact, I dunno if I've ever had their salted version), I will say that what makes Proof's cookie exemplary is that it's not overly sweet.

                        It has the perfectly balanced nuance of what a chocolate cookie should be, so that you can taste the chocolate, the tinge of savoriness of the dough (meaning there's enough salt to balance and amplify the ingredients), and the subtle sweetness of either molasses or brown sugar (not sure which).

                        It isn't just one thing -- it's the perfect synergy of all things coming together in one harmonious moment in time, and place.

                        1. re: ipsedixit

                          Harmony - absolutely.

                          As a baker who loves molasses but still can't quite believe how powerful it is, I'd say it's brown sugar. And quite possibly they use more brown sugar than white sugar (the traditional CC cookies are 1 to 1).

                          Some of my fav homemade choc chip cookies are the ones made by my friends husband, who was baking, was out of salt, and reached for the pink sea salt flakes (good sized) he'd been given from Hawaii. Divine. A new tradition was born.

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                            A bit of star anise works well. Just a bit. And I stress "a bit".

                            Did I mention you should only use a bit?

                            1. re: ipsedixit

                              I'm sorry - did you say "a bit?" Are ya sure?

                              Like 5 or 10 then, yes? ; )

                              I think the cookies at Proof are pretty pure (i.e salt and vanilla being the only spices). But a mighty interesting thought for the future!

                  2. re: A5 KOBE

                    The chocolate chip cookies at Proof are great.

                    In fact, very things at Proof are not.

                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      <In fact, very few things at Proof are not>

                      Whenever I'm in the area (hopefully around 5 minutes before noon when the sandwiches come out) I purchase a cc cookie, beet sandwich and a cappuccino. Their bread for that sandwich is so good and I can't think of any other bread in LA that could do the job. I don't know who's baking and directing the back but every single thing they put out there is beyond delicious.
                      Such a treat.

                      1. re: latindancer

                        There is nothing you can do to the CCC at Proof that would make it better. It reminds me of the CCC at Jacques Torres in NYC, they are perfect. The only thing that could make it better is a drinking a nice dark roast coffee while eating it.

                        1. re: A5 KOBE

                          Everyone talks about red wines and chocolate.

                          Let me tell you, good CC cookies and Beer? Joy.

                            1. re: J.L.

                              Yeah, I think I should have worded that statement better...lol

                              A hot summer day for me makes a CCC so much better, where the chocolate is melting all over the place.

                                1. re: J.L.

                                  Not vanilla - classic!

                                  But if you've had a really hard day, and it's not quite time for dinner - a good CCC and a cold beer? Salvation.

                        1. Should we split this up into 2 sub-categories: Hard-baked CCC's and soft-baked CCC's?

                          1. Check out this list. I would add Clementine, Milo & Olive, Sycamore Kitchen, The Larder (Brentwood, Burton) and Platine.


                            1. Clementine - The Ivy, Short Stack at The Farmers Market and M Street in Santa Monica all make wonderful chocolate chip cookies

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                                I agree with The Ivy (and their bakery/cafe, Dolce Isola). The cookies are big and crispy. Best I've ever had.

                              2. The best chocolate chip cookies are actually made at a coffee shop:

                                Coffee Commissary.

                                1. Larder &Ivy make my favorites.

                                  1. My all-time favorite chocolate chip cookies are not at a bakery but at Artisan House restaurant in downtown -- theirs are crisp on the outside and chewy inside with rich dark chocolate. And overall not overly sweet which is hard to find; just the perfect amount of sugar!

                                    1. Definitely try the rye chocolate chip cookies at Sycamore Kitchen.

                                      Love the walnut ccc at Milk Jar as well.

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                                        Grrr. I've tried to go to Milk Jar twice now, once the parking was so bad, that after circling about 15 times, I gave up. The next time, we found parking no problem, but the place had JUST closed. I'm dying to try the banana split cookie!!!

                                      2. Stella Barra.

                                        edit: echo, repost, repeat. sorry.

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                                          Tony - you and me in synchronicity? How did that happen...