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Mar 2, 2014 08:04 PM

Great salads in Montreal

Yeats ago, Curly Joe steak house closed down after a fire. That was the end of decent salad bars in this town. The salad bar at Wendys was small but not bad for what it was. Aside from that I cannot think of any place that exists in this town today that has a salad bar worth mentioning. Scores has one, it is almost good enough to be regarded as pathetic.I gotta drive to the Butcher block steak house in Plattsburgh to gorge myself with produce if the mood strikes. Can anybody recommend a local restaurant with noteworthy salad served in ample portions? Me so hungry.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Interesting, they say Westmount but technically they're in NDG. Anyway never heard of this place before, must be somewhat new? How is it better than say, Laitue&Go?

      Either way does this really qualify as the kind of "salad bar" heybaldy is asking for?

      1. re: denpanosekai

        Definitely not a salad bar. I'd say it's more like gourmet salads. Very small location with 3 tables inside and outdoor seating during the summer. Salads are prepared on the spot and are very good. They are located in Westmount.

        1. re: causeimhungry

          There is also a Mandy's on Laurier West, at the back of a clothing boutique. Great salads!

          1. re: causeimhungry

            They used to be in Westmount, but moved last summer - they are now about two buildings over the city's border into NDG.

          2. re: Maximilien

            Really good salads! The place is tiny though,there are 3 cramped tables inside so it's more of a takeout joint.

          3. Salad Bars:
            Buffet Casa Corfu, 3177 Rue Masson
            Dallas BBQ, 5350 Rue Sherbrooke E
            Manhattan Steakhouse, 1446 Boulevard Saint-Martin
            Nazareth, 550 Cure Labelle
            Rodízio Brasil, 160 Rue Notre Dame E
            L’usine De Spaghetti, 273 Rue Saint Paul Est
            Resto Vego, 1204, avenue McGill College

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            1. re: EaterBob

              If the salad bar is as good as their pasta, stay far far away from L'Usine de Spaghetti. Truly dreadful!

            2. To be perfectly frank, baldy with the cute cat, I harbour a deep suspicion of salad bars.

              Though I can't remember any prepared-to-order salads of note lately, unless one counts the pile of herbs and salad greens served with banh xeo (Vietnamese crêpe). Lots of vitamins in those!

              1. I just remembered that cafe Milano in St Leonard serves a very respectable salad. A meal built around lettuce, conplimented by your choice of Italian sausage and cheese, tuna, grilled chicken, or even boconcini cheese. On the premises, or to go, it is a hit with me and a favorite of my pet goat Petunia. She loves the balsamico.

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                1. re: heybaldy

                  Yes, they do. You'll find similar salads at Caffè Italia.

                  Wouldn't your goat be happy with plain lettuce and other greens? I know people with herbivorous pets who glean salad greens at Jean-Talon Market.

                  1. re: lagatta

                    Molte grazie, Lagatta. I am afraid to say, Petunia, my pet goat is not a herbivore but an omnivore. She was rescued from a petting zoo where children fed her 3musketeer bars, Babe Ruths, and Twinkies. So this chowgoat really has a human like palate. But do not worry for her, today she is fed a steady diet of oats, rice, and only occasionally treated to a falafel and hummus pita from Fatouche on the main.Perhaps with a mandarin orange for dessert.

                2. As an alternative to a salad bar many mid-ranged restaurants have meal size salads on their menu. Madison's have very good salads on their menu.