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Mar 2, 2014 06:37 PM

Baking powder dumplings for a crowd?

One of my family's favorite dishes is pork butt slow cooked with saurkraut, then topped with baking powder dumplings to finish cooking at the end. I have been asked to make this for a large gathering, but the normal cooking vessel, my dutch oven, will not hold enough dumplings to serve everyone---everyone loves dumplings! Should I cook in a large roasting pan, and put the dumplings on top of extra saurkraut in the bottom of the pan? Will they sink to the bottom and burn? With no lid, will aluminum foil seal the pan sufficiently for the dumplings to steam properly? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. I cannot speak from experience, but....

    If these dumplings are like the drop dumplings that you cook in steam over liquid (I do them only with chicken and dumplings dishes), then a roasting pan should work fine. However, I'm not confident that sauerkraut would produce enough moisture. I'd consider preforming a nice tight foil seal for your roasting pan, then bring enough broth to the roasting pan to make 1/4 depth (that's a lot of broth), bring it to boil on stove top over two burners, and then lay in the dumplings and seal the pan as best you can, finishing it all in the oven perhaps. All depends on your burners, pan qualities, etc.

    You might also consider making dumpling on the roast as usual and some more in a crock pot on high.

    1. I would love your recipe!

      1. ......gosh I'm with jeanmarieok, I'd like your recipe too.
        I have made good and not so terrific dumplings in my day.
        I don't use a recipe, I just wing it, not the best choice probably I must add.
        would you mind parting with it? we'd appreciate it if you would. thank you.