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Mar 2, 2014 06:02 PM

Food recommendations in or near the 17th

I will be staying in the 17th in late May with family (no children). We have been to Paris before, but this is an area where I am not too familiar. Ideally, I would like some recommendations for restaurants for dinner where we can walk. Price is not an issue, but I would prefer non multiple starred restaurants in favor of local brasserie, bistro places with good food and service. We will only have four nights and I want to get the feel of the area and have really good, delicious food.

Any thoughts??

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    1. or even here:

      I've found their lists to be a great "starting point" for follow-up research.

      1. The 17th is vast; you could be a step from the L'Arc de Triomphe or out near Porte de St. Ouen.

        1. Give us an address or nearest metro to you.

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            And remember, aqny place in town is reachable by Metro and/or bus in uder an hour so you need not limit yourself to the 17th.

          2. If the OP answers, he will help us help him. Any thoughts ?