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Food recommendations in or near the 17th

I will be staying in the 17th in late May with family (no children). We have been to Paris before, but this is an area where I am not too familiar. Ideally, I would like some recommendations for restaurants for dinner where we can walk. Price is not an issue, but I would prefer non multiple starred restaurants in favor of local brasserie, bistro places with good food and service. We will only have four nights and I want to get the feel of the area and have really good, delicious food.

Any thoughts??

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    1. or even here: http://parisbymouth.com/our-guide-to-...

      I've found their lists to be a great "starting point" for follow-up research.

      1. The 17th is vast; you could be a step from the L'Arc de Triomphe or out near Porte de St. Ouen.

        1. Give us an address or nearest metro to you.

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            And remember, aqny place in town is reachable by Metro and/or bus in uder an hour so you need not limit yourself to the 17th.

          2. If the OP answers, he will help us help him. Any thoughts ?

            1. You have to try Relais de Venise at Bld Perriere. The other locations are copycats. Expect to wait in line for at least 30 minutes even if you come at opening or at 10pm. It is the only restaurant in Paris that has a line for the past 30-40years (that was how far back I have been there). I will be in London the last week of May to eat at 2 Relais locations there (Marylebone and City) and will be in at Relais in Paris on June 9th to celebrate my birthday.

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                "The other locations are copycats"

                Aren't all the restaurants run by the same family, with offshoot chains started by a daughter and a son. So they have a fairly strong shared heritage. I like the one in the 17eme and its particularly good for a Sunday night meal when much else is closed. But its loud and fast so not a meal for lingering.

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                  It is true that the other chains are from different family members but I notice that the salad dressing and the famous steak sauce dont taste the same. I believe the one at Perriere is the original restaurant and the 3 Relais in London and the one in New York come from the same chain. I have also been many times to the one in NY and the quality is remarkable.

                  I agree that Perriere is quite loud (same as London Marylebone) but I just love the atmosphere.

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                    The Pereire location is the original location and the chain is also the real thing. The other chains like Le Relais de l'EntrecĂ´te are copycats. Having compared the two I much prefer the original.