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Mar 8, 2002 04:25 PM


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Hi all.
I used to live in Sydney and always ate a Malaysian dish called a Laksa or Laksa Lemak.

It is a noodle soup made with Shrimp paste and coconut milk.

I love the Tonkannese soups here in Montreal but it is not the same thing and would love to find a restaurant here that does the Laksa.

Does anyone know a place in Montreal where I can find one??


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  1. Did you find a place? I'm looking too! I LOVE laksa.

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    1. re: Rachel

      Never did find a place that has it!! Pity as that is a great dish. I have got a recipe though.


      1. re: Piaras

        I found a place: Nonya on St. Laurent, just south of St.Catherine on the west side of the street. This indonesian restaurant just opened and it's very good. The have great laksa, but only as an appetizer. Hopefully they'll make it a main dish!

        1. re: Rachel

          ooooooo! Laksa. I also used to live in Sydney and got used to having it, oh, anytime and anywhere. I'm dying out here!