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Mar 2, 2014 04:49 PM

Barilla no boil lasagna noodles in Calgary?

Anybody know where to get these in Calgary? Went to Sobeys and they don't carry it. Thanks.

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  1. Gah stupid autocorrect. Barilla.

    1. Co-op carries their brand of oven ready lasanga.

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      1. Regular lasagna noodles work too. Just a a little more liquid to the bottom of the pan when assembling and cover when baking until the end when you want to brown the top

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        1. re: scubadoo97

          Yeah, I bought the Catelli no-boil ones, they worked fine, but I'm really curious about the Barilla ones as they're supposedly much thinner and they're totally flat.

        2. Try Scarpones in the NE.