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Mar 2, 2014 03:45 PM

Best food to cook in a cast iron pan

I just obtained a cast iron skillet and do not know what I can do with it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on their favourite food to cook in one? Or any unique ideas?

Thanks so much :)

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  1. Just about anything that needs a nice crispy brown sear. I also use it to roast things in the oven, whole chicken, vegetables etc...

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    1. re: roux42

      Home fries and chicken under a brick are favorite uses for my nearly 100-year-old pan. Upside down cakes also work well.

    2. Hi, chef55:

      My personal favorites are:

      (1) oven-roasted whole chicken;
      (2) pan-fried Spencer steaks; and
      (3) Craig Claiborne's Dutch Babies.


      1. I don't really have a favourite food to cook in my CI, what I usually use it for is anything that doesn't involve acidic ingredients or any type of sauce (you can cook sauces in cast iron, but I don't like to do that, I stick with my stainless for that).

        1. Best food? There are so many.
          Cornbread works well...
          Frying Chicken or Bacon, or etc, etc, etc
          Browning meat, ground or other wise....

          1. Sear pork chops and finish in the pan in the oven.
            Same with steaks.
            Hashbrowns brown fantastically in cast iron, or par cooked quartered potatoes
            Baked cornbread or clafoutis.
            Pineapple upside down cake
            Fried chicken
            The list is endless.