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Best Technique cookbook

Hello all!
I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a really good cookbook that teaches HOW to cook - ie: techniques.

Pictures would be very helpful as well, as I am a visual learner so find the step-by-step pictures to be extremely helpful.


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  1. 1. Cooking School by America's Test Kitchen
    2. The Elements of Cooking by Michael Ruhlman
    3. An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler
    4. Ratio by Michael Ruhlman
    5. How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman

    1. Don't forget there are zillions of videos on YouTube that can be very helpful.

      1. Gordon Ramsay created a terrific television series and cookbook to help home cooks improve their cooking. Techniques are just one of the multiple building blocks to making a good cook, and The Ultimate Cookery Course shows the reader/viewer how to integrate them and become a truly creative, economical, ingredient-savvy, accomplished cook. I love this series, for the recipes (though Ramsay's goal is for you to use what he teaches as starting points for creative cooking, not recipes to be followed slavishly), for the farm and vendor visits to talk about ingredients, for the technical skills presented (how to cut a red pepper was a neat technique), for tips for using leftovers, and so forth. Here's a link to Wikipedia which includes a good description of the show plus a detailed episode by episode index:


        Here's a link to many episodes on youtube:


        If you google "Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course" you will find many links to videos and the book.

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          I gave this book as a gift to a professional chef. Just to add to his 'library'.
          An excellent reference book from a master chef.
          Simple easy to read lots of photos.

        2. The Professional Chef is the CIA's textbook and is great for technique.

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            I've used the New Professional Chef for 25 years, in conjunction with the Making of a Cook by Madeline Kamman. I like the no nonsense technical format of Professional Chef - clear, concise, and with nice photographs and layout. I also like the food history and eloquent, detailed descriptions of Kamman.

          2. Jaque Pepin's New Complete Techniques.

            1. Sue Riedel has some technique videos, and a great one on cutting skills.

              1. "Professional Cooking" by Wayne Gisslen helped me alot while running a kitchen.
                You could save plenty by getting an older edition on amazon or ebay.

                1. "Twenty" by Michael Ruhlman. In it, he details step by step how to cook. And the photos which document the whole process are stunning! And I love it, because once you learn that technique, you can use it on anything!

                  1. Cooking by James Peterson--excellent visuals (and in color) along with clear explanations.

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                      James Peterson is great! I think his "Essentials of Cooking" http://www.globalgourmet.com/food/spe... might be a better fit though.

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                        Nothing against the book at all but the reviewer thinks that cutting up a rabbit is an advanced cooking technique!!!

                        So if I've been able to hunt, skin, gut, cut up, and cook a rabbit since I was 12 the reviewer must think I'm a regular Einstein when it comes to cooking. Humorous.