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Mar 2, 2014 01:16 PM

Beyond tacos, which food trucks are worth it and why?

Ever since all sorts of non Mexican food trucks started popping up, I've been pretty ambivalent. On the one hand, I love the concept of talented chefs being able to make good food without all of the hassles and headaches of a brick/mortar shop, but on the other hand so much of the stuff that I have tried/seen feels to be just overpriced and underwhelming.

The only truck that I've been to that was worth it to me is Guerilla Tacos. I love the constant changing of ingredients which appear to be solely based on what looked good/was fresh. The flavors blend well together in the tacos while still being distinct and vibrant. The masa is spongy and delicious.

What do you guys like and why?

I've heard good things about Ricky's... anything else?

(For the purposes of this, I am excluding taco trucks, because I already feel that I'm relatively familiar with a decent amount of them)

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  1. "was worth it"...The Wein...RIP

    "is worth it"...The Lobsta Truck...the perfect 3 biter, quality ingredients...

    "still the reigning champs"...IMO...are 2 Taco trucks: Tacos LEO for al pastor and El Matador for carne asada

    1. HeirloomLA
      one of the most consistent varieties of flavors, always seasonal, and very creative.
      Parked every Monday night in front of Silver Lake Wine shop, as well as on Tuesdays at the Everson Royce store in Pasadena on North Raymont.

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      1. re: carter

        do they sell the lasagna cupcakes at truck? if so, how much?

        1. re: ns1

          Most of the time, they do. Have no idea how much, however, as it not my kind of food.
 might provide some answers, however.

          1. re: carter

            They listed online pricing but no truck pricing. Thx anyway

            1. re: ns1

              This post has them at $7 a pop. I thought they were $6 at Intelligensia in Pasadena...


              1. re: happybaker

                thx for the followup. $9 a pop from amazon fresh, so I'll hold off.

                OMFG though that CROSTINI SAMPLER
                looks epic!

              2. re: kevin

                Sadly Kevin - you did not read it incorrectly.

                It's lasagna, baked in a cupcake tin for individual portions.

                Don't know it it will make it better or worse, but Heirloom LA did not invent it. I'm sure many other folks did as well, but the first I heard of it was on Dweezil Zappa and Lisa Loebs cooking show.


                1. re: kevin

                  kevin, noodle shell, lasagna filling. It's not some disgusting dessert thing. It's actually quite good.

          2. I like:
            The Buttermilk Truck (closed)
            Grill 'em All (now a restaurant)
            Cool Haus (now a store)
            Egg Slut (now a restaurant)
            Grilled Cheese Truck
            Lobsta Truck
            Nom Nom (closed)
            Kogi (also at Alibi Room)
            Ludo Chicken (also at Staples)
            Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (soon to be a store)
            The Lime Truck (now a restaurant)
            they all have pretty good food at a reasonable price.

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            1. re: wienermobile

              I've had Grilled Cheese, Kogi and Cool Haus and didn't really understand the appeal of any of them.

              Kogi, I can find better examples of korean food in many places in K-town and I didn't feel that when I looked past the novelty of it being served in tortillas, that the fusion part really added anything at all. I can accept that I missed the boat on this one, because I tried it after Roy had already moved on to other things.

              Grilled Cheese: My biggest complaint is that the bread has no chew and it appears to be cooked in a panini press or something, which goes against main point of a grilled cheese, that it is griddled in butter/mayonaise to get a crisp, yet moist crust. I'd rather just make this at home, the fact that it had mac and cheese and short rib, while interesting, did not enhance it if the bread/crust wasn't there.

              Cool Haus: Meh. The ice cream flavors taste pretty samey and the cookies don't do it for me at all. I had the fried chicken ice cream one time I went there, it tasted like sweet cream, nothing at all remarkable. I'd rather go to Neveux, Sweet Rose, Scoops, Bulgarini, even Bigg Chill.

            2. Worth driving to, or worth eating? Cuz those are entirely different criteria.

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              1. re: ns1

                Driving to. My hope is to find some that are actually destination worthy.

                1. re: Butter Fight

                  Lobsta Truck, Wicked Kitchen, Street Kings Food Truck, Canvas Food Truck & Catering, Lets roll it truck, Rounds Premium Burgers! Will all be on Main St and Ocean Park Blvd in Santa Monica (behind museum) this Tuesday 5pm-9:30pm. Different trucks each Tuesday night.

                  1. re: wienermobile

                    Besides the Lobsta truck have you tried any of these? Because looking at the menus, most of these trucks look pretty awful.

                    I mean, I don't want to be a hater, but Wicked and Street Kings both just smack of me too-ism, with their multicultural foodie pandering nonsense. It just feels like a committee got together and said "what are the kids eating these days?" and just imitated various popular trends (Korean fusion, pork belly, weird doughnuts, chicken and waffles etc)

                    Wicked appears to be owned by ConAgra for fucks sake.

                    Of course, none of this matters if the cooking is actually great, but neither of those inspire any sort of hope.

                    The other two look mediocre but don't really inspire any passion.

                    Canvas actually looks possibly good.

                    It feels like with the popularity of food trucks it is nearly impossible to sift through the crap. Maybe I am looking at this wrong. Maybe there isn't really such a thing as a destination food truck, maybe food trucks are there to be a convenient food fix and I should stop expecting great or interesting cooking.

                    I keep expecting that the market will sort the good from the bad, but with the cost of entrance being so low I can see the market being flooded with cheap crap until this whole fad dies.

                    I was hoping the cream would rise to the top, but in a vat of shit it is hard to skim any cream.

              2. The Grilled Cheese Truck's BBQ pork & Mac & cheese sandwich is ridiculously delicious.....along with their tomato soup cups, it's a great combo.