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Mar 6, 2002 08:07 AM

What are you Top 5 Montreal restaurants?

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Is Toque in there? Isn't there some place new that people are making a big deal about? What about Les Caprices de Nicolas? Basically, what is your list of Top 5? Thanks!

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  1. j
    Jake Klisivitch

    I'm pretty sure this isn't what you're looking for, but I've been away from Mtl for about 12 years now, and this is a list of my most urgent visits whenever I'm back in town:

    1. Schwartz's: Rib steak, double spice; black cherry soda.

    2. Lafleur's: Two michigans with onions; one "moyenne" (medium fries).

    3. Beauty's: Mish-Mash omelet; fresh squeezed orange juice.

    4. New System: Little know chicken take-out place in NDG. Wonderful spit-roasted chicken; great fries and coleslaw too.

    5. Villa de Souvlaki: Best souvlaki I've ever had, and Mtl is a city that has a passion for it.

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    1. re: Jake Klisivitch

      Hey where is that chicken place in NDG?
      Anyway here are my top eats in Montreal

      1. Soups and Noodles-Great General Toa for a couple of bucks! Huge portions. On St Catherine.
      2. La Louisianne in NDG Great food and great atmosphere too. Cajun spicey!!
      3. The Messhall in Westmount. Great service and amazing food. All in all a great dining experience.
      4. Maiko Sushi on Bernard- fantastic sushi and really nice place for a bite.
      5. The Clairemont in Westmount. Great atmosphere and really stunning portions!!

      1. re: Piaras

        These are my sentimental favorites from the glorious summer I spent in Montreal two years ago. Maybe not the best in any objective sense, but the places I pine for most often.

        Naistro, SVP: great seafood and nice ambience on St. Laurent.

        Beauty's: A real diner with great smoked salmon and bagels. I'm still kicking myself for not trying the smoothies. I've never seen anything so delicious-looking in my life.

        Frites Alors: Also on St. Laurent. The best fries you'll ever eat served in huge mounds with six different dipping sauces. I think it's called.) The /small/ is bigger than your head. The beer menu is very impressive.

    2. Toque, innovative, creative... always memorable.
      Chez Doval - great Portugeuse food, 150 Marie Anne in the plateau.
      Queue de Cheval - Incredible steakhouse. Pricey, but wow, what great food!
      Chu Chai - 4088 St. Denis in the plateau. Vegetarian Thai, made to look and taste like meat dishes, innovative and really delicious.
      Les Halles - 1450 Crescent, downtown. Fantastic, classic French cuisine, -and my favorite part - a very friendly, warm staff. Who could ask for more?


      1. Les Caprices is wonderful & Il Mulino on St. Zotique. Schwartz's. Moishe's. and all the little places at the Atwater Market.

        1. My top 5 are:

          le passe partout
          la gaudriole
          jongleaux cafe
          chez la mere michelle

          (Sorry about the spelling, but these are pretty close)

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          1. re: jason

            I second La Gaudriole, but Jongleux sadly closed over a year ago after the chef's death.

          2. we've been going for long weekend to montreal for a number of years now . so a few recommendations of places we eat(chicago style i.e/ with gusto):

            breakfast :beauty's- what would sun morning be like without the tastiest breakfast in montreal-courtesy of hymie + gang?
            also-a little "hipper" and lower key:cafe souvenir in outremont

            and for one of the best steaks i've ever eaten, (it's 40+ years of carnivorous over consumption)-and a truly interesting wine list-all without pretension, we enjoy ribn'reef near the old ruby foo's on decarie a little pricey, but worth the splurge and far better than most "steakhouses"

            also tasty and reasonable is casa galiccia (?sp) on
            st denis just below sherbrooke-good wine list and paella in many varieties, served for one if you like...not exactly a hole in the wall-fills a nice need for this type of cooking, esp on a cold winter night....

            far and away the best smoked meat in montreal-schwartz's-consistently tasty and moist-and a trip to eat there(or take home for travelling food by car train or plane)

            we could use a suggestion or 2 for nice intimate french bistro that's;reasonable, has decent coq au vin and other traditional dishes, and a decent wine list....Language no barrier