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Mar 2, 2014 11:32 AM

Easter Sunday lunch North of Rome

Here's another Easter Sunday question...our parameters are this: we are picking up our rental car in Rome at noon on Easter Sunday, heading to Castellina in Chianti on the A1. We are looking for a place to stop for lunch no longer than 1 hour north of the city. An osteria or an agriturismo not far from the highway. Since its Easter Sunday we can't play it by ear for the 6 of us... I know I will have to make reservations/check to see if they are open or serving a special menu...suggestions?

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  1. I would probably go to Orvieto, but I looked at the Slow Food Guide's map, and Ristorante degli Angeli, in Magliano Sabina (prov. of Rieti), could be a candidate for you.

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      Maureen, Orvieto seems well positioned an hour north of rome, and its a place I've always wanted to visit...however if I'm not mistaken, one has to park in a satellite lot and take the funicular to the old city? That's going to add some extra time to the commute...Reservations will be a must Easter Sunday...I'm thinking 1pm would be a typical time for a Sunday lunch reservation? We can't get our car till noon and I know how these things go in Italy...schedules don't always work out as one had planned! Unless we book at a place within an easy hour of Rome, there may be a chance of not arriving till 1:30 or 2:00. Not sure how that would fly as many places seem to have set menus/times for Easter Sunday lunch. The sabine hills do seem like a better/closer candidate for country dining north of Rome!


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        Not about food, but its not that common for Tuscany visitors to pick up their cars at Orvieto rather than Rome might want to consider if you are in a time crunch. You could also reserve your table for a later time than 1 if that were a consideration.

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          Orvieto's "alternative mobility" was actually designed by my husband and his team -- so of course it's perfect :-) The parking lots are well connected to the center. The funicular is great and is met by two minibuses. There are also escalators from another parking area. Yes, reservations, yes one o'clock. So it adds a little time. You're talking about Italy on Easter Sunday. If you spend ten minutes getting from the train station to the restaurant, so what? If you do something else, you'll lose the same ten minutes some other way.

      2. I second mbfant's suggestion of Orvieto. Just remember that on Easter Sunday restaurants will be very crowded.