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Mar 4, 2002 01:48 PM

vegetarian food in Montreal

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I scanned the messages on the board, but all were form a year ago or more.....I'll be in Montreal in Late June and need to eat (no fish, either). I would prefer something near Old Montreal. Or, just a nice restaurant that can do a veggie pasta would be wonderful. Thanks.

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    Julie Pedersen

    Le Commensal is a vegetarian restaurant chain in Montreal with cheap eats that are priced by weight. They have several locations, St. Catherines downtown, St. Denis etc.

    Spirit Lounge is in the gay village and has a set menu for each night - and a rule about finishing everything on your plate or no dessert!

    1. For interesting vegetarian food for lunch (or informal dinner) with a great terrace in the summer, try Cafe Santropol on St-Urbain, near Duluth (I think). They have inventive sandwiches (be adventurous) that come with beautiful fruit and veggies, and are big enough for a real meal. It is quite affordable and gives you a different view of Montreal culture.

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        I am a vegetarian living in Philadelphia PA and I lived in Montreal area for 2 years.Cafe Santropol was my favorite place to eat. Yes they have wonderful sandwiches, and yes they are very inventive, but they also have delicious soups, and very tasty deserts. The atmosphere is very comfortable, and if you go in the nice weather, you can sit outside on the terrace aand enjoy a newspaper or magazine which you can always find there.