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Mar 2, 2014 11:01 AM

Three lunches--Mandeville, Covington, Albita Springs, La

Husband and I are going to be sightseeing in the area and will be going out to lunch every day. I posted the question on the Central South board, but thought maybe I should post it here as well. I did search both boards with the discussion dates are pretty old.

We like all kinds of food and, of course, want to skip any chains. Seafood is always appreciated. Maybe not Mexican as we are heading to Houston for three weeks and will probably have more than sufficient while we are visiting there. I was thinking Trey Yuen Chinese in Mandeville because of the local specialties on the menu. How is Abita BBQ? Any more ideas would be much appreciated.

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  1. Covington lunch Lola and Del Porto. For sandwiches/plates Bears, Seiler Bar at Columbia Tap Room ( step up from the Tap Room grub), and Buster's Place or The Chimes for oysters and seafood (skip Acme).

    Abita is just the Abita Brew Pub, decent food but beer sampling makes it worth it.

    Between Abita and Mandeville is Taqueria la Noria. It is one of the authentic country Mexican restaurants to open hoping for the Hispanic labor trade but it has been taken over by locals. Not Tex Mex.

    Mandeville lunch. Best casual lunch/brunch is Liz's Where Ya At. Always busy. For boiled seafood lunches Mandeville Seafood, although they also do good catfish, soft shelled crab plates and an exceptional hot sausage patty po-boy.

    Pontchartrain po-boys is also a great place for po-boys and plates. Always busy.
    Trey Yuen is good but I like Sesame Inn. Both higher quality Chinese.

    You can also eat with a view along the lakefront. Rips and Barley Oak more about view than fine dining. There are also several places along the river in Madisonville, including a new coffee shop that I heard was good.

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      Thank you. Great information. I know I was thinking of no Mexican food, but I do love a good taco pastor. Husband will like the beer sampling at the Brew Pub. I wonder if I can convince him to do breakfast at Liz's and lunch at Mandeville Seafood. What do you like at Sesame Inn?

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        Chinese is a take out night about every other week. I mostly get vegetarian as it tends to be lighter and a bit different. My wife always gets an order of pork fried rice which I share so that balances my vegetarian. She favors Trey Yuen so we alternate. We both like the curried chicken at both places.

        For you I would order something with local seafood. You need to go with the strengths.

        Check out the menu at Taqueria la Noria.

        The Barley Oak has a wide selection of beers but limited pub food. Old Rail Brewery brews some good beers but their food is only OK.

        1. re: collardman

          You are torturing me. I see Taqueria la Noria has cochinita pabil and picadillo (my favorite). On the other hand, husband loves curried chicken and it would be interesting to compare the Mandeville version to what he gets at home. I am going to stick with seafood. Maybe take-out for dinner might be a plan. I will let you know what we end up having.