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Mar 2, 2014 10:30 AM


I'm probably spelling it wrong, but where can I get a good sandwich in or around Essex County?

And where can I find a King Cake?



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  1. If you're looking for the best, you'd be better off ordering some olive salad and making the Muffuletta yourself. I love Central Grocery's, and it makes about 3-4 sandwiches depending on how heavy handed you are (I tend to pile it on my sandwiches). They also sell king cakes, though I can't speak to the quality of those though.

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      I would be willing to pay for the olive salad, but $50 for one cake is a tiny bit high for me LOL !

      Thanks for the link - it is very informative.

    2. When the Saints made the Super Bowl run I made mini muffs for one of the playoff games, made my own olive sald and bought everything else. They came out pretty good.
      I was actually someplace in North Jersey on Thursday and saw someplace that made king cakes but I can't remember the name for the life of me.

      1. Kings Supermarket Bakery sells a King Cake. Unfortunately, it is not that good.

        1. First time I made muffaletta was from Marianne Esposito's "Ciao Italia" recipe. Olive salad... green & black olives, garlic, onions... zizzed up in food processor with good olive oil till a past. Recipe is open to improv... once had open jar of marinated artichoke hearts & roasted red peppers... they went in.

          I use any shape crusty bread, slice off top and scoop out a lot of the soft bread inside... save for bread crumbs. Liberal drizzle of nice olive oil and generous amount of olive salad in bottom and top of bread. Meats & cheeses... up to what you like. I use provolone, genoa salami, ham... and whatever else I might have on hand. Turkey works fine.

          Once assembled, wrapped tightly and weighted down for a while. Made a big, LONG one a few years ago for neighbors for Super Bowl. He flat out refuses ANY $$ for doing me the MASSIVE favor of using his snow blower on my driveway & sidewalk, so I figured I'd help feed the "boys"... it disappeared quickly.

          If you end up with more olive salad than you really need, it keeps for a good long time in fridge.

          1. Thank you everyone for your suggestions!