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Mar 2, 2014 10:14 AM

Butcher house south of boston

Are there any good butcher houses south of Boston for getting good cuts of steaks? 1.5 to 2 inch well marbled ribeye, or filet mignon. I want to try this cooking method:

I live in Quincy region but I can drive, I just don't want to drive to north shore area.

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  1. I haven't tried them myself, but I hear you can get better quality meat at the local halal markets. There is Safy on Hancock St in North Quincy, and then Almaeedah also on Hancock as you head towards Wollaston. Safy has a website and definitely sells beef. There's also Bistecca (Brazilian) just past Quincy Center on Franklin St that I haven't tried, but would hope has better stuff than the supermarkets.

    Otherwise, I would try the Kinnealey meat dept that is in the Fruit Center in East Milton Square. The place I pick up the occasional steaks at is actually Costco in Dedham.

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      The fruit center in Hingham (affiliated with the one in Milton) will cut you anything you want. For more obscure cuts/meat call them in advance.

      Whole Foods is very accommodating (albeit $$$) as well.

      I have not shopped at Hilltop in Weymouth for a long time but I found their butchers to be amazing.

    2. I live in Quincy and go to Kinnealys when I want steaks. The Butcher Shop in the Adams Village section of Dorchester has a good variety of sausages that they make in house but I don't like their steaks as well

      1. Without question, Kinnealey in Milton. That place is an absolute gem.

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          I gave up on Kinnealey after several instances of rotten meat. I only deal with Dulock now. Sure, Kinnealey is a two minute ride, but they've burned me enough that I will never go back.

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            Rotten meat? No kidding. When was this? I have experienced nothing but exceptional quality.

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              It was about a year ago was the last instance. Lamb roast that nearly killed me when I took the wrapper off. They apologized and swapped it for a fresh piece, but I no longer trust them. I go to Dulock now, it's worth the ride.

        2. Thanks guys. While we are on the topic, has anyone tried reverse searing 2 inch rib eyes? The reddit thread is based off of this, except without the blow torch:

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          1. re: GloryField

            I haven't done it with a ribeye but I've down it with a beef tenderloin. Works great! Never used a blow torch though.


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              For the temperature, can I use a leave in thermometer like this:


              Or would that ruin/dry the steak as it cooks? Would instant read be better?

              1. re: GloryField

                I don't believe the small hole this would make would cause any problems and/or moisture loss, IMHO.

            2. re: GloryField

              Not 2" - only about an 1". I don't use a blow torch either, but I do stick with reverse-searing now for steaks when I happen to have one.

              1. re: GloryField

                I've done it, and it's worked pretty well. Like Kobuta, I didn't use a blow torch, just the stove top, but found the technique is great for getting a perfect medium to medium rare (I like it pink all the way through, but no dark red bits) with consistant color throughout.

              2. This won't help you right now, but starting June 14th, through October, at the Braintree Farmers' market you can get locally-grown, grass fed pastured beef from J.H. Beaulieu farm in Fairhaven. He comes to the market with a supply of frozen, vacuum-packed cuts of meat. Or, you can call him and special order cuts that he will bring to the market for you. It's not cheap, but it's delicious high-quality beef.

                The Braintree market is on Saturday mornings from 9-1pm.

                One other option, BJ's in Quincy sells USDA Prime boneless Rib Eye steaks in their butcher shop. They will also cut steaks of any size from whole rib eye.