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Mar 2, 2014 10:02 AM

Best Bakery in Santa Fe

I'm having my wedding in Santa Fe in May, and I need a recommendation of a bakery to do the cake. Any ideas?

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  1. I've heard really good things about Maggie's Wedding Cakes.

    Have you looked/posted on and I think both have regional boards where people can post reviews and ask questions. There are only a handful of Santa Fe Chowhounds, so you might have better luck on those sites.

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      Thank you! I've emailed Maggie. From her bio, she seems like an extraordinary pastry chef!

      1. re: Littlebitlaura

        Hope she works out well, Littlebitlaura. If you have a chance, please post and let us know who ended up making the cake and how it was.

        Every happiness,

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          Maggie doesn't have any time that weekend. She suggested The Chocolate Maven. Any thoughts about that place?

          1. re: Littlebitlaura

            Oh, that's too bad. I wasn't impressed the one time I went to Chocolate Maven, but I went to the restaurant, and we were so frustrated with the clueless staff and so-so food that we passed on dessert. They started off as a bakery though, so their baked goods might be really good. Perhaps other area Chowhounds can comment.

            Have you looked at Treehouse Pastry Shop and Cafe? I know they do wedding cakes, but I don't think they do ones as elaborate and artistic as Maggie does. Any regular cake I've had at the cafe has been delicious though, and the owner is very nice, but they also have some flakey staff issues, so I'd ask for references and call and talk to the references in detail before ordering anything there.

            1. re: Littlebitlaura

              I've never been to the restaurant, but have eaten the pre-packaged cookies and brownies etc. that they sell all around town at supermarkets and coffee shops. I tend to judge a bakery by their oatmeal cookies, since so few can get them right (and they're my favorite). Chocolate Maven's are kind of bland. But maybe they've just gone stale in the package. And maybe the cakes are great. I don't know.

              1. re: Littlebitlaura

                I've never tried a wedding cake from Chocolate Maven, but I don't like the pastries I've had, universally big, bland, and boring. That said, if Maggie recommended them, I'd imagine they'd do a fine job with wedding cakes -- I don't really think a baker's ability to make giant industrial batches of muffins has much to do with their ability to make a great wedding cake. On the other hand, if it were I, I wouldn't take the risk if I weren't able to get to the bakery to do a tasting.

                My favorite bakery in Santa Fe (by FAR) is Dulce. In addition to phenomenal breakfast pastries, their cupcakes and layer cakes are outstanding. I've never heard of them doing a wedding cake, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if they would do one for you.

                You might also consider calling local NM chain Flying Star. Once again I don't know if they do wedding cakes, but I think their layer cakes are among the best items they have to offer, and they do a robust catering business, which suggests they would at least have the capacity to do a wedding cake.

                If the above don't work, you may want to broaden your search to Albuquerque down the street. It's a much bigger city, and I've always been impressed how much the average Burqueno really cares about great chow. Maybe some folks can chime in on ABQ choices?

                1. re: finlero

                  If you extend your search to Albuquerque, some places to look at are:

                  Chef Michael's Cakes:

                  A Cake Odyssey:

                  Savory Fare Cafe, Bakery & Catering:

                  And, it's just a small cafe and bakery, but Gold Rush Cupcakes downtown ( did a lovely rush wedding cake for friends of friends, and delivered it all the way to, I think, Roswell. The whole thing was arranged via email and phone and still worked out very well. It was a large, simple, but very pretty cake. I don't know if this is something they do often or if it was just a favor for a desperate bride, but everybody was very happy with it.

                  I'd avoid what seems to be Albuquerque's favorite bakery, ABC Cake Shop & Bakery. The owners are very nice and the staff is efficient, but the cakes and cookies are only about as good as what you get at CostCo.

                  One thing to keep in mind about ordering a cake in Albuquerque (and probably Santa Fe, too) is that May is not just the start of wedding season, but also a time when lots of people have big Cinco de Mayo celebrations, the height of graduation and prom season, and a favorite time for people to do big combined quincanera parties. Bakeries and caterers here get really slammed that month, so it would be a good idea to put in an order as soon as possible.

        2. I was going to suggest Cafe Vingt Cinq but upon googling it, I see they are closed :(