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Mar 4, 2002 09:16 AM

Restaurant impressions (and questions) after another great weekend in Montreal

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Per my earlier postings, we're New Yorkers getting married in Montreal this summer and we visit your amazing city about once a month to plan. Once again, we're in love with Montreal's unbelievable food! Latest impresssions:

1. Montreal has the best bagels in the world, and this is coming from a born, bred and current New Yorker. Well, let me qualify that - St. Viateur's are the best. We don't think Fairmount bagels, while terrific, are in the same league, and the best New York bagel is as good as the best Fairmount.
2. Per my earlier posting, we were looking for an alternative Greek fish resto to Milos, which we think is just okay whether in Montreal or New York. Friends of ours recommended Rodos Bay, which is on Parc near Milos - don't think we've seen Rodos Bay posted here. Gotta tell ya, Rodos Bay was OUT OF THIS WORLD FANTASTIC. Huge fish, simply yet brilliantly prepared, amazing side dishes and a great owner-host named George. We LOVED this place.
3. Daou is G-d's food gift to North America. There are no superlatives sufficent enough for Daou. This time we had their Shish Taouk chicken sandwiches, which came laced with a freshly-minced garlic puree. I thought I died and went to heaven.
4. Okay, now the question: We're getting married in downtown and wanted a very, very casual (and not so expensive) resto for the rehearsal dinner. We went to the suggestions here, which were wonderful, but can't choose them... i.e. Wienstein and Gavino's won't do a group on a Friday night in the summer because that's their height season, and FondueMentale was too small.
We saw almost everywhere else downtown, and think we'll probably do the rehearsal dinner in Old Montreal. Old Montreal's beauty, even if it gets touristy, will just spin the heads of our guests.
Any restos you'd recommend in Old Montreal that you think would accommodate us for dinner for $25 Canadian per person, tops? (PS Someone also recommended a restaurant in downtown called Rocco's - but it's unlisted. Still in business? If so, impressions?)
Once again, thanks everyone!

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  1. Hey try Modavie on StPaul in the old port. It is very nice and not too expensive. They have plenty of room upstairs and should be able to sort you out!!

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      Harvey Weinstein

      Gotta say that until I read this article, I too had not heard of RODOS. Boy oh boy...if only I new what I was missing all these years. I've lived in Mtl for the last 41 years and I can say that this is the best kept secret in Mtl! Having read your article, I immediately asked for George...the first thing he did was to take back our menus and then asked my wife and I if we trusted him. We did. He then brought out a gorgeous pikilia, followed by what he claimed to be the "best octopus in Mtl" (he was right!!!) after which we enjoyed stripped Bass from Greece, grilled to perfection. In case this wasn't enough we ended the meal with the best homemade baklava that I have ever had and complementary Metaxa (this was our reward for having trusted George).
      Folks, forget any other seafood place that you have been to...try this place out you won't be disapointed.

      Let me know what you think.