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Mar 2, 2014 10:00 AM

"Snow" food... AGAIN!! Scallops!?!

I'm SICK & TIRED of this winter. Enjoy snow but we've had WAY more than usual and it has become TEDIOUS... snow days, delayed school openings, SHOVELING.

Supposed to start snowing/sleeting around 5 and going well into Monday for potentially 6-8+ inches. I always "prepare"... with something different to eat and snack on. Usually, a bit of a splurge.

On trip out for "survival" food, bought some BIG shrimp ($10/lb... best price I've seen in WEEKS) & scallops. Scallops are a bit interesting. Usually either BIG sea scallops or LITTLE bay scallops. Ones I bought were labled "fresh shucked" and were a size somewhere in between sea & bay.

Like them just seared in butter and liberal amount of lemon juice.

What's a "different" way to prepare them that YOU like?

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  1. We already have about 3 inches here in Pittsburgh. I am making scallops, too! Mine is with a quick apricot sauce.

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      Now THAT looks GOOD!! When I was scallops at $10/lb, I jumped on that! They're about TWICE that price at other supermarket I go to. I don't have apricot jam?? ASSUME (ya know what THAT means) that I could sub something like Duck Sauce and have result that wouldn't fail??

      1. re: kseiverd

        I don't see why duck sauce wouldn't work. I wouldn't have thought of that! I wish I could get scallops at that price! BTW, I'm bummed because the snow has stopped. I'm a teacher and I really need a day off! They originally predicted 6-12 inches.
        Good luck with your scallops!

    2. It isn't a different way but I love all seafood blackened.

      1. If you have the ingredients make a primary dashi and VERY slowly poach the scallops in it. Or if you have any miso VERY slowly poach the scallops in it. Otherwise very slowly simmer the scallops in water with a little lemon juice. NO butter. No dairy. No herbs. Just once enjoy
        the real 100% natural flavor of a scallop not adulterated with strong flavors which basically mask the real scallop flavors.
        Culinary life changer. Same goes with any seafood.
        Start with the absolute basic flavor profile then go from there. Surprising results may await.
        I'm stunned at how many restaurants and (couch) cooking schools do not do this. The first experience too many culinary students have with scallops is making 'Coquillies St. Jacques'. A truly abominable offering BTW.

        1. It was 80 degrees yesterday and today it was 18 degrees when I got up.

          1. I do like them seared in butter, then plated with a "swoosh" of roasted red pepper cream sauce on the plate. Makes a beautiful presentation and tastes divine.