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Mar 2, 2014 09:22 AM

Not So loud but Nice vibe

Can anyone suggest a good weekend brunch spot

-Nice vibe but not too loud
-Good Food
-Location is not a problem
-Group of four people
-We would like to order from a menu rather than a buffet/pre fix and would like cocktails or champagne to be available

Any suggestions?

Merci beaucoup!

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  1. Price range/budget per person before tax, tip, alcohol?

    Are you willing to wait for a table?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Maybe $50 per person? We are flexible.

      It depends how long is the wait. I dont feel like waiting for 1 hour.

      1. re: Lovelyday

        Union Square Cafe, Maialino, North End Grill. They all take reservations.

    2. Locande verde or mailiano sounds like a place you are looking for.

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      1. re: Monica

        locanda verde can get pretty loud.

        1. re: Monica

          Monica, Locande Verde is extremely loud as Ann900 just mentioned.

          1. re: Lovelyday

            really? Maybe I am deaf but I didn't think it was that loud at all...

          2. re: Monica

            LV may be loud but maialino was my first thought on this one - great food, good atmosphere and mercifully well spaced tables.

            1. The NoMad would be perfect for you. Great vibe, not too loud, great drinks, delicious food and excellent service. Highly recommend the chicken sandwich.

              1. I've recently enjoyed brunch at Tertulia and the downstairs room at Lafayette. Both were quiet and delicious.