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Mar 2, 2014 09:01 AM

Boston - Monday night, casual dinner, serious foodie

Hi. Visiting from Chicago for business. Planning to go to dinner with a small group 3-5 near Liberty Hotel Cambridge (?). One is a serious foodie who prefers small plates, sharing, etc. Examples of Chicago restaurants that worked well include Girl and the Goat, Sienna Tavern, Sable, Mercado and Bar Toma.

Cost is not a huge concern - moderate to expensive is ok, ludicrously expensive or a place known to be extremely high priced may be of issue. Generally, good food, good service, interesting fare and preferably "Boston". Not looking for the standard white table cloth steak business dinner.

Thanks to all in advance.

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  1. Alden and Harlow in Harvard Square would work well. I ate there for the first time last night and was very impressed. It is also an easy trip from the Liberty Hotel via T or cab.

    Another great option would be Coppa in the South End. Toro would work well also, but does not take reservations.

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    1. re: Matt H

      highly recc Coopa and Alden and Harlow as well.
      gotta nix aquataine . it feels soulless and corporate and contrived.
      plus 1 on Hammersley-- 20yrs+ fantastic overall

    2. Liberty Hotel is a little bit in no-man's land for the sort of thing you're looking for (though Scampo, right in the hotel, is an excellent restaurant and possible to orchestrate a table-sharing situation with a proactive swath through the menu).

      Alden & Harlow is a good suggestion. Another place worth checking out is West Bridge (also a short cab ride).

        1. Rendezvous in Central square Cambridge has tapas on Monday night...great value, great food. A bit across the river cab ride or on the Red Line from Charles/MGH stop near your hotel. Just two stops and you get the lovely view going over the river. You can get a reservation and order from both tapas and regular menu. They have a cassoulet tapa now that's great...well, they all are.

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            Totally agree w/this Rendezvous req. Went last Monday & had a terrific array of tapas e.g. Grilled sardines, roasted huge shell-on shrimp, tender fried oysters, meaty roasted lamb ribs, cassoulet of pork, duck & sausage,etc. plus delish desserts, great service, atmosphere & pricing. Plenty of other good selections on the regular menu too.

          2. I think the LIberty Hotel is in Boston.

            I am from Chi-town, and when i think Boston, I think seafood. And so, I would recommend Island Creek Oyster Bar or Neptune Oyster (which does not take reservations.) I have always found a seat at the bar at Island Creek.

            The pan fried lobster at Summer Shack is one of my favorite dishes in Boston though the rest of the food is merely good. You can take the red line from your hotel to Harvard Square; we have a miniature subway system here, but it works well from harvard square to Boston.

            Coppa has good Italian food but is loud, ditto Toro.

            You could go for the 1.00 oysters at Rialto in Harvard Square, but you would have to be there by 6 30 or so and sit in the bar area.

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