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Mar 2, 2014 08:03 AM

The Pass, new BYOB in Rosemont

Wow, that was the best meal I've ever had in the "Middle of Nowhere"...

...I posted a review of my visit last night to Matt Ridgway's (of PorcSalt) new The Pass byob in Rosemont NJ (next to New Hope PA & Lambertville NJ) on the New Jersey Chowhound board, but it is so close to Philly, and so amazing, I'm posting a link to the thread here too:

Also, I recommend that you read the NY Times (Excellent) and LaBan (2 Bell) reviews, if you haven't already seen them:

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  1. Except that you really got us all excited here because we thought you were referring to Rosemont, Pa. on the Main Line.

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    1. re: arepo

      Wasn't sure we are permitted to mention NJ on the PA board!

    2. Rosemont is just over the Delaware and talking about it probably is no different than talking about Osteria in Joyzee as well.

      That said Matt is doing great stuff. I am lucky to be able to source his charcuterie at Stockton's farmers market. Has to be my favorite bacon, and I also use his guanciale with my roasted Brussels sprouts.

      There is a nice thread on the restaurant on the Jersey board, and the most exciting thing is he is doing a simple supper on Sundays now emphasizing oysters and house cured meats. And of course its BYO in a state where there are actually good liquor stores to buy from!

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        Yes, the one thing we didn't get to try during dinner was the charcuterie, but if what I'm nibbling on is any indication, it's exceptional. I believe DiBruno's and the Rittenhouse and Headhouse Farmer's Markets also carry PorcSalt products. From what he told us, they are planning to expand that side of the business.

        1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

          Matt was usually at the Headhouse market himself. I was lucky to eat at the Pass on a Sat and talk to Matt about it on Sunday in the fall. I have never been disappointed in his charcuterie! Will have to get to that Sunday dinner.

        1. If this cool "A Day in the Life" video doesn't make you want to go to The Pass, I don't know what will...

          1. Hot damn the Philly area has hit a stride with so many excellent BYOB’s! In the recent weeks we ate at Le Cheri, Laurel, Bibou and Pass, which is right up there with the best. Living in Bucks County is not far from Center City or the rural areas north. The French white asparagus could easily have been overwhelmed by the chicken liver sauce, but it held up nicely. The smoked trout rillettes were excellent, as was the rabbit let pat-au-feu and the suckling lamb neck.

            My wife selected an ’03 Chalk Hill Cabernet, which went well enough to go with everything as its tannins had smoothed considerably. Next time we'll be sure to bring a pinot noir.

            The only misstep was whipped cream that was overpowered with cloves. On the positive side of the dessert ledger, the baked Alaska was terrific.

            FOH staff was terrific. While they moved things along, we were never rushed. On our way out we made reservations for our next meal there.