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Mar 2, 2014 07:11 AM

What person would you most like to dine with in Paris? No rules, Jesus to Dieudonné M'bala.

Bernard Pivot is my choice.
I was reading his essay on the latest James Bond book in the JDD today and although I've only met him once briefly at the Book Fair he strikes me as the sanest, most interesting, most ego-free, clearest writer on the planet. How does he know so much? Probably because he's 6 months older than I am.

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  1. It has to be just one?

    I'd pick one of the art or literary greats for whom Paris was a big impact on their career... it's cliché, I know...but Edith Piaf...Hemingway...Van Gogh..Renoir...

    ...but possibly someone like Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson, whose ideas were shaped so strongly in Paris....

    ...or perhaps someone not such a major player -- Rose Valland, the French employee of the Louvre who quietly spied on the Nazis and tracked key information as to the whereabouts of plundered art, or Agnès Humbert, who was a key player in the early days of the Rèsistance.

    The list is too long-- can we make it a dinner party?

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    1. re: sunshine842

      "It has to be just one?" I said "no rules" so it can be more than one, but I prefer dining with just one.
      As for Soupie's wife, I'd like to dine again with her too.
      Re "Rose Valland," Monuments Men opens here next week; I wonder if the French love of Clooney/Damon will outweigh their resentment that the film has the Yankees (save the Dujardin character and Vallard) finding the art.
      PS The Vivrement Dimanche that just ended with all the above, really was precious, esp the Dimiti guy, Harry Ettlinger, who lives in NJ.)
      But we're off topic

      1. re: John Talbott

        according to the book (which was an excellent read) it was primarily an Anglo effort (US and UK) -- simply because most everyone else was trying to recover enough to just breathe.

        But then again, I've heard about the kerfuffle that erupted several years ago when that documentary dared reveal that no, France had not entirely saved herself....she had a lot of people helping.

    2. Particularly perceptive Parisian participants Parigi, Ptipois and Parnassien.

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          1. re: jock

            Pourquoi? Perspicacious palates. Pleasant personalities.

          2. Dude, my wife!

            A night out, just the two of us. Now that's stuff dreams are made of.

            1. Everyone who posted and is mentioned on this thread so far, plus Calvin Trillin.
              I did research for Pivot and had an hilarious exchange with him. Will tell you, JT, in person. I reserve for him a soccer match instead of a meal.

              1. My #1 choice would be R.W.(Johnny)Apple. The gargantuan meal, with more than sufficient wine, would undoubtedly be garnished with delicious conversation based on his life experiences.

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                1. re: Laidback

                  "R.W.(Johnny) Apple."
                  Sorry, Laidback, I didn't know you back then in 1967 and on.
                  Apple was a great friend, recounteur and companion.
                  He introduced my wife, Paga and Elan to Michel Guerard, Senderens, Passard and lord knows what else.
                  My great Apple story is that one night after eating out in (Gosh) Asnieres, we came back to Paris at 12 or 12h30 and he (famously known as 2 lunch Apple) said how about a drink at the zinc, at which point, he and we, put down some serious wine and ham.
                  Yah, I'll hope to met up with him in Valhalla.
                  I miss him.
                  My remembrance is here