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Mar 2, 2014 06:10 AM

Thoughts on these rooftop bars??

Thoughts and information, experiences with these rooftop bars..Winter time..Or any other suggestions instead. Thank you again..
The Refinery
Top of the Strand
Penthouse at the Park
XV1 Lounge
230 fifth Ave
Gallow Green

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  1. Gallow Green is closed for the winter.

    Avoid the mixed drinks, food, and tap water (comes out of soda gun) at 230 5th.

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    1. Birreria is not so much of a rooftop bar, but more of a sprawling restaurant with no view to speak of.

      Consider the rooftop at Ink48 for nice views

      1. The top of the Strand is the summer....I am not brave enough to go when its cold

        1. Does the strand not have heaters or covered in the winter? I heard The refinery is really nice. Very open here...Just want to make this a day/night of fun and different..Just my sister and I...then off to concert afterwards..