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Mar 2, 2014 05:18 AM

Gluten-Free in Loop or Mag Mile?

I don't live in Chicago nor am I a gluten-free diner, but I am picking up my mother at a Chicago airport, and we plan to overnight and explore the town a day or so before heading back to where I live (South Bend). She is not diagnosed with celiac but seems very sensitive to gluten.

I looked into the Chicago threads here on gluten-free, and one thread looks pretty rich but is also rather old, and I think several of the places recommended are closed. Also, I wonder if things have perhaps evolved so that most places these days have gluten-free options that can be trusted?

As we have a car, we can consider driving, too. I've never visited the Greek restaurants area nor the Devon Street Indian/ethnic scene, and would be happy to do so, as we have already experienced the inner city several times.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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  1. One of Chicago's best restaurants is 100% gluten free - Senza. It is in the Lakeview neighborhood - almost to the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Lots of good shops nearby to explore. It is a little pricey (not sure your price point) and as a rather fixed menu (so not good if either of you is a picky eater) - but otherwise is phenomenal food, wonderful staff and elegant but comfortable ambiance.

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      Senza looks very interesting. Thanks for the link. I looked at their menu, and it is pricey but could work for us as a splurge. One thing I don't understand, though: in the menu they have a price indicated for the tasting and the prix fixe menus and then a lower price for "pairings." What is pairings?

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        'pairings' would typically refer to wine pairings, where they pour maybe 2-3 oz of a different wine with each course, sometimes with every other course. In theory the wines are picked to match well with the different dishes.

    2. Hello, a family member of mine is gluten intolerant. When we go to Chicago, she loves the gluten free pancakes at Wildberry pancakes for a breakfast place. She said she was suspicious when they tasted normal but had no reaction and was sure they were gluten free. Wildberry is a great breakfast place! It is downtown near millennium park I think.

      1. Most of the 'lettuce entertain you' restaurants have gluten free menus:

        Our favs are Wildfire, Shaw's, Big Bowl

        We went to Senza for my birthday last Oct.. amazing!

        Never been, but I think The Greek Islands in Greektown has a gluten free menu...

        Have Fun!