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Key to CHEWY oatmeal cookies?

Recipes I follow end up producing crispy cookies - they are fine and tasty, etc.

But I'd also like to find out how to make CHEWY ones - ones that are still chewy hours or even a few days later if not all gone.

I'm using large flat oat flakes - the regular cooking kind - to me they are tastier, have more texture and from what I can imagine even more suitable for making a chewy cookie.

Any hints?

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  1. the best recipe I've ever found was right on the lid of the Quaker Oats tub -- I think it's called "Disappearing Oatmeal Cookies"

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    1. re: sunshine842

      They are good. My sister makes them and they come out crispy. I make them and they come out chewy. We use the same cookie sheets and ingredients. Different ovens, measuring and mixing I guess.

      1. re: wekick

        I've only ever had wonderfully soft and chewy cookies from that recipe.

        All I do is follow the recipe -- no idea why they never come out crisp. (It's not a problem - we prefer them chewy)

        1. re: sunshine842

          the problem is they do become CRISP -and looking for also making them sometimes CHEWY

          1. re: jounipesonen

            Some things do different from my sister that I know of.
            I make mine a little bigger than she does
            I only bake them until the gloss is gone
            I let the cookie sheet completely cool in between baking
            I measure each cookie with a scoop so it is mounded and pressed flat slightly

            other possible variables within the same recipe-
            amount of moisture in brown sugar
            amount of mixing
            size of eggs
            measuring spoons don't aleays measure exactly so maybe your spoons are a little off
            ovens can make a difference-check the temperature with a separate oven thermometer.

            1. re: wekick

              I'm thankful for all the input here - it's clear there are a number of parameters - and are worth trying.

              The great consolation here is that the CRISPY ones taste good too!

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              we don't want them crisp, so I've never played with the recipe. We like them just the way they are.

      2. Doesn't brown sugar produce more chew?

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            Replace 1/2 to 2/3rds of the white sugar w/ brown sugar and they will be chewy.

            1. re: melpy

              I've used ONLY brown sugar - and even dark-molasses- brown - but got just 'crispy' - if try to bake less - they just turn crispy after an hour or two anyhow.

              Wish I had the same 'luck' with potatoes! :-)

              1. re: jounipesonen

                In addition to the brown sugar put the dough on the pan as a rounded ball shape so the center will stay thicker

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                      I made oatmeal butterscotch cookies yesterday and I can bend them approx. 30° before they break.

                      I added about 2TLBs of molasses to the brown sugar because most commercial brown sugar has no molasses flavor, and I baked them at 350°

              2. I would second QO disappearing cookies, don't overcook. I used an insulated pan once and it did not work as well.

                1. I replace part of the oil with two TBS applesauce..

                  also make ball in silicon cupcake reuseable cup.

                    1. Anna Olsen uses corn starch to keep the cookies soft and chewy.

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                        I just watched her show Bake with Anna Olsen and the show was on drop cookies. She recommends using a tablespoon of corn starch to the mix, the outside of cookie will be crisp but center will be soft.

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                          That really could do the trick - can probably try in some days - will report back - thanks.

                      2. If I'm making oatmeal raisin cookies, I soak the raisins in the eggs prior to mixing. Soft and chewy even after freezing.

                        As for plain oatmeal cookies, only brown sugar.

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                          1. re: sunshine842

                            If not feeding a toddler. . .Eggs seemed more kid friendly

                            1. re: autumm

                              I soak in warm water mixed with vanilla, then drain before mixing into the batter. No alcohol in my house, but this plumps the raisins and gives them a little vanilla boost too.

                        1. I add a tablespoon or 2 of glucose to cookies that I want to have a chewy bite, I don't like to undercook them to get that texture.

                          1. I love the flavor of oatmeal cookies, but I dislike most recipes, even ones that claim to be chewy, because after the first day I find them to be pretty dry. But Alice Medrich's oatmeal cookies are indeed chewy and stay that way for days as long as you don't overbake them. You can even tell from the photo that they're kind of bendy, rather than flat.

                            Scroll down the page about halfway for the recipe.