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PVD/RI * March '14 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Did I forget February's entry?

If so, let's do double duty and post all of the changes.

In Wayland Square in PVD's East Side, Peachwave Frozen Yogurt is now regularly open.

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  1. I did post this about a month ago, but will post again here for March....Uncle Tony's Pizza will be taking over the old J&D's Restaurant on the Johnston/North Providence border of Rte. 44. From what the buzz is in town, they are scheduled to open sometime in April/May.

    1. G Pub is open on Dorramce

      1. Rogue Island Restaurant grand opening tonight in the Arcade Building.


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          Oh, I thought I read RhodyRedHen's review on this place. Perhaps they were in "soft opening" mode? In any case, thanks for the update. Can't wait to be in PVD again to try it (along with Birch, Barstow, Ken's Ramen, The Grange, a revisit to north...the list goes on-and-on).

        2. The Barstow Restaurant on Allen's is now closed.


          1. Anyone have an news on Faust (@ The Dean Hotel) as to when its opening?
            Walked by the other day and saw nothing. Motif Magazine lists in in the Open category.
            Also heard that Brutopia (Cranston) is very close (mid month). True?

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              Miller's Roast Beef on Mineral Spring Avenue in North
              Providence closed the end of March. I believe it opened less than a year ago.

              Also heard Chick-fil-a is opening in Warwick on Bald Hill Rd,

            2. Does anyone know anything about Z bar? Did I miss this closing? Everything I drive by it's dark inside. Also Faust is now open.

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                Zbar is closed. Owners of pj's pub are taking over. Not sure of an opening, haven't seen any work going on as of yet

              2. Rosalina is now open at:

                50 Aborn St
                Providence, Rhode Island 02903


                1. Fratellis is closed and was told Rogue Island is next hope not but the city has too many places and usually after 6pm it goes blank.

                  1. Did not see an April thread so thought I would post here. The Elmwood Diner has opened in the location of the closed Liberty Elm Diner.

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                      That's on me... Forgot to start the April thread... May's around the corner so I'll do that one shortly.