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Lan Sheng Szechuan Restaurant in Wallington

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BERGEN COUNTY FINALLY HAS A DECENT SZECHUAN RESTAURANT!!! But... it's on a very busy road in a difficult to navigate area in a No Man's Land area of Wallington. No matter, I had to make the trip.

This restaurant is the second location of a popular NYC restaurant. They must be doing some things right, because the NYC location has earned a Michelin Star. So, how is the Wallington outpost?

Pretty Pretty Good. I stuck with my staples this first time out. Dan Dan Noodles were very good, and the sauce had a nice kick, although I'd say the noodles were a whisker overcooked. Ants Climbing a Tree was excellent. The noodles were cooked well, and the sauce seasoning had some solid heat. Finally, I tried the Chongqing Chicken. It was good, but had a lot of heat. I thought there could have been a bit more meat and a bit less peppers but it was still good. They also threw in some fried sweet potato puffs for dessert, and these were absolutely wonderful.

So the big question: How does this place compare to the World Class Chengdu 23/1? It's close, but I'd still give the edge to the Chengdus. The Chengdus are more generous with the meat in their Dan Dan Noodles and entrees, and appear to be slightly less expensive overall, especially on the entrees.

The place is small but nice inside, and the guy who took my order was very friendly. While talking to him, I mentioned that I thought the location was a bit unusual, and he agreed. But there was one thing that compelled them to build there: a liquor license. Yup, Lan Sheng has a (small) bar and booze available.

The menu is extensive, and the next time I go I might be a little more adventurous. Although I would have loved a location in a more Northern/Central Bergen County location, this will certainly do for now. Check them out.

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