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Mar 1, 2014 05:48 PM

Belizean food in NYC?

Does anyone know of a place that serves Belizean food in the city?

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  1. Been to Belize twice. The food is varied, depending upon the region. The distinctive style, found mostly in the Southeast, is the cuisine of the Garifuna people. There is an annual Garifuna festival in NY, where you can certainly sample Garifuna cuisine:

    Never been there, but there is one Garifuna restaurant in the Bronx:

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    1. re: famdoc

      And gotta have Marie Sharps or Melinda's carrot based habanero sauce on the table, or it's not real Garifuna!
      Many of the chicken dishes have a Jamaican influence, great jerk seasoning, washed down with a Belikin. Lots of original fish preparations, I recall a tempura style cheese filled strawberry grouper that was extraordinary. Northern Belize has more Chinese influence than Garifuna. Ambergris Caye is fish every day.

      1. re: Veggo

        It's killing me that I don't remember, but I know somewhere in the city is (was?) selling Marie Sharps hot sauce. My wife had brought back some from a trip to Belize and while on an errand (in South Brooklyn, mind you -- this wasn't a Caribbean neighborhood) we saw a store selling a few varieties. I really, really wish I could remember (this was probably 2 years ago) but it was a Court Street Grocers / Stinky Brooklyn -type store (but I don't think either of those).

        Wow, that wasn't helpful at all!

    2. That annual Garifuna festival in the Bronx will be held in April 2014; more details to come.

      Dave Cook