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Mar 1, 2014 05:39 PM

Recommendations for Paris: Breakfast, lunch, maybe dinner and where is the best foie gras pate?

Hello all and thanks in advance for your recommendations,

We will in Paris for 3 days/nights (one being a Sunday) and for dinner we're planning on going to our two favorites from past trips: Le Regalade (14th arrondissement location) and Chez L'Ami Jean, unless there is any must replacements? Then on Sunday night we were thinking of Brasserie Julien, we've been there before and it's always been festive with well-prepared brasserie classics but are open to other suggestions for a Sunday night?

We were also hoping to over indulge in foie gras and pates while in France - any recommendations of favorite places to buy it at (for train picnics) as well as places that serve it for lunch and/or breakfast?

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  1. when I'm in France, I don't waste my time or money with foie gras pate.

    It's far too easy to find pure foie gras, whether entier or morceaux. Look for smaller producers.

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      Absolutely, sunshine. Get the real foie gras or get nothing. Never foie gras paté.
      I get mine from farms either in my stays in Dordogne, or in the regular marchés de producteurs in Paris, like the little poultry stand (about once a month) in Enfants Rouges, or from the butcher Marcel in Marché St Quentin.

      1. re: Parigi

        One of the tiny villages near where we lived had the obligatory marché de Noël -- one of the attendees was a small producer from the Dordogne who came up to stay with her brother, who lived in the village.

        SCORE for us.

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        Thanks for your reply and I agree! My original post was unclear... We are definitely interested in pure foie gras, particularly prepared terrine style. As for pates we were interested in places with good country style pates (e.g., La Regalade's house pate was excellent)....

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          don't pass by foie gras à la torchon. Well worth it.

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            Les Papilles Gourmandes, an ace traiteur on rue des Martyrs, has great pâtés.

        2. I pick up pate at the Bastille market. Whatever looks good. Decent pate is ubiquitous in Paris at open markets and butchers. Ask for a taste, and you're good to go...

          As for foie gras, I don't have a decent reference for take away, but the house foie gras at Les Galopins was very good the other week. That's not a place people generally go for foie gras, but they seem to have a very nice source, if not their own foie gras-er. As the others said, nobody eats the weird foie gras mousses and pates, just solid foie gras. The only exception is a fat slab of regular pate or terrine with a big, solid chunk of foie gras floating in the middle which is acceptable.

          1. I cringe a bit when asked for "best" but one of my favorite purveyors of terrines and pâtés is Les Papilles Gourmande, my favorites there are "Grand-mère" and "Basque" as well as any rillette she has that day.

            I order my foie gras torchon from the chef at the restaurant Tintilou.

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            1. re: Laidback

              Thanks for your reply - it looks like two votes for Les Papilles Gourmande. I see how the word "best" can at times be cringe inducing. I suppose "favorite" works well in the place of "best".

              1. re: Laidback

                "I order my foie gras torchon from the chef at the restaurant Tintilou."


              2. Not difficult. Un embarras du choix. I suspect lots of recommendations are based on convenience/ proximity. And your choice should be the same. No need to make a special trip. Where are you staying ? What are your other plans ? Maybe just a foray to the nearest "marché" or "rue commerçante" is sufficient.

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                1. re: Parnassien

                  indeed. While there are clunkers, on the whole, "run of the mill" in Paris is "divine" in most other cities.

                  And you get the fun of trying to find *your* favorite, not someone else's!