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Mar 1, 2014 02:54 PM

Flat bottomed carbon steel wok.

I've had a look for one of these in some of the usual places. The woman at Tap Phong said they're very hard to find so I'm wondering if any CH'ers have seen them anywhere in the GTA>

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  1. Not sure if any were carbon steel but Home Sense on Yonge by Eaton Centre had 3 or 4 different types...

      1. re: jayt90

        Thanks all. Guess I'll head up to Pacific Mall.

        1. re: terrycar

          3477 Kennedy is close to PacMall, and worth a visit. They have a lot of carbon steel pans and woks. They give a substantial discount for cash.

          In PacMall, look for CCK at the north end. It's the only place I found hammered woks. They are famous for cleavers and have a cult following, as the only official outlet for the HK factory.

      2. I ended up buying one on Amazon.

        1. I just picked up a 16" curved bottom one from Tap Phong. Heavy carbon steel, hollow steel handle stays cool, seasoned beautifully, $24, and the best part is the well at the bottom created by the curve.

          Why do you want to go with a flat bottom one ? TP also sells stainless steel base rings for about $2 if stability is the issue.

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          1. re: PoppiYYZ

            I agree. The main feature I like about using a curved bottom wok is the "well" at the bottom.
            Then again, that's just my preference since I'm still using the wok I received as a Xmas gift...42 years ago.

            1. re: PoppiYYZ

              It was stability I was considering, but if the ring works well then I'll think about that too.

              1. re: PoppiYYZ

                I think that it really depends on the stove you're using. We have a glass-top stove, so the flat-bottom is the only option. Heat wouldn't transfer very effectively with a round-bottom and base. My stainless steel flat bottom works well, but of course can't get as hot as a round bottom over gas.

              2. The stainless steel wok with steam tray and lid at Costco has been reduced to $39.97
                It is similar to this,
                with a layered base. In store only.

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                1. re: jayt90

                  Thanks! i've always wanted this but found the $5x.xx too much for me. What location did you see it at?

                  1. re: szw

                    This was a tip from Nevy in the Costco thread.

                    1. re: szw

                      I picked up one at London North for $34.97.
                      For stir frying, I'll try extreme heat and a bit of grapeseed oil, but for ordinary fries I think I'll get by with a spray of PAM.

                      1. re: jayt90

                        Nice buy. I was at the Warden store a couple days ago and they were sold out already. I was shopping for wok's recently and saw that stainless steel woks were very expensive in the asian stores....often $100+. I did some some flat bottommed carbon steel ones at winners for about $20-$30 though.