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Finally tried it and must say even better than Honor Bar. A must try.

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  1. Yea, it's pretty epic...... I have not yet been able to decide if I like theirs better or the SOaG's version.....

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      1. re: Servorg

        Cannot handle the cold chicken on S of a G. So odd.

      2. re: Dirtywextraolives

        in complete agreement. these are my two favorites and am not sure id be able to pick.

        1. re: goldpackage

          update... went back to son of a gun the other night and... plan check is definitely my favorite of the two.

          in other news... ordered a bit differently at son of a gun this time. absolutely loved the brussels sprouts and grouper. linguine and clams were also very good.

      3. Plus 1. They also were doing a spicy version as a special last summer that was also pretty terrific.

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        1. re: Bob Brooks

          Both were great. Strawberry cruller is pretty fuckin tasty too.

        2. I love this sandwich and also love their fried chicken plate too.

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            1. Chicken is very good, but the rest of the food there is disappointing. Oversalted and greasy.

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              1. re: Davetannenbaum

                Every time we've gone we've ordered the sandwich and the kale caesar. Perfection every time.

                1. re: Davetannenbaum

                  I've never had anything that was oversalted & I'm a bit sensitive to that. Also, have never had a grease bomb there either. I adore the butter lettuce salad, but from the burgers, to the fried chicken & pastrami nosh sandwiches, to the fries and crullers, nothing has ever been greasy. Guess I've just been lucky. Maybe I'll go play the ponies.

                  1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                    You are lucky or I am unlucky. I went yesterday and the pastrami was nearly indelibly salty. The chicken sandwich, however was perfectly moist and crisp and pretty damn good.

                    1. re: Butter Fight

                      I guess so! Damn! Glad I didn't go by today for the pastrami nosh....I would have been heartbroken....

                2. I highly recommend hacking this sandwich by getting some smoked milk gravy on the side.

                  I don't love everything at Plan Check (That bun + pastrami = blech!!!), but that sandwich is awesome. Best thing they do there.

                      1. re: granadafan

                        Excellent patty, very beefy. However it was poorly formed and totally collapsed when bit into. Didn't like the toppings on the PCB, but then I don't like ketchup or American cheese on my burger, but the flavor of the patty alone puts it high on my list.

                      2. I don't know what it is about Plan Check but it and I just don't click. The service is good. The food is empirically good, but I always leave somewhat disappointed and unsatisfied. Had the pastrami and the fried chicken, both of which has gotten near universal praise, but both were just okay to me. *shrug*

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                          I would say that while I like the southern fry, they are a burger restaurant. Give that a go before you write them off completely. I personally prefer what Pono Burger is doing, but info like the burgers at PC.

                          With you on the nosh. I don't know why, but the fact that they use Yiddish to name such a goy version of a pastrami sandwich irks me as much as putting the sandwich on a sweet bun.

                          1. re: cacio e pepe

                            I had half my daughter's PCB when we went the first time and wasn't that impressed. I do agree with Pono. Stout Burger is pretty good too.

                            1. re: TheOffalo

                              Fair enough.

                              Haven't given Stout a try.

                              1. re: TheOffalo

                                Yea, my kids are cheeseburger aficionados....one liked the burger fine, one did not....they were both ordered plain, so there were no competing flavors. I finished my son's and thought it was okay. Maybe it's that cheese sub they use, I don't know, but the meat was very soft. I like their other sandwiches & the butter lettuce salad much better.

                          2. Despite my prior indifference, may have to check out Fairfax location for this: http://la.eater.com/archives/2014/03/...

                            1. we finally got a chance to try out Plan Check over the weekend.

                              i'd agree with dave and The offalo amongst others:

                              At the Fairfax location, the Southern Fried Chicken was *super* SALTY. :< It was nearly inedible.

                              It was juicy as people said, but extremely salty.

                              the PCB (Plan Check Burger) was juicy, cooked to medium-rare (good), but it was a touch too salty as well, but much better than the salt bomb that was the Plan Check Fried Chicken. :<

                              maybe the chef on duty when we went loves the salt or something, but we were very disappointed.

                              1. I love Plan Check, but I prefer Honor Bar/R+D Kitchen's version - I think it's more well-balanced. Plus it sits a little more lightly on the stomach. =)

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                                  Me too. Gourmet bk specialty chicken sandwich.

                                2. I finally tried this sandwich. I thought it was excellent and only slightly too salty for which I blame the manufactured ingredients rather than the chef.

                                  The waiter I had said they would tinker with the sandwich. The next time I have it I will add onions and jalapenos.