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Feb 11, 2002 08:12 AM

Uniquely Montreal

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I will be visiting Montreal for a long weekend and I'm seeking suggestions for gastronomic experiences that are unique to Montreal. It can be anything from street food to the most luxurious.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. easy.
    bagels on st.viateur 24 hrs.
    and smoked meat at schwartz's.

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    1. re: mlenc

      I agree with the previous posting. But lest we forget: The Mish-Mash Omelette at Beauties.

    2. hey - if you come back you should try the foie gras poutine at au pied du cochon on duluth.

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      1. re: QCchowhound

        I'm always amazed when people revive a 5-YEAR OLD post! Chances are the original poster has already tried the said foie gras poutine.

        1. re: Campofiorin

          Are they still good suggestions? I will be in Montreal next week--first time visitor. Quebec City, too.

          1. re: ursa minor

            All of these are good suggestions but I'd skip Beauties, nothing to write home about.

            1. re: Campofiorin

              I was so surprised when Beauties made that Saveur article years ago, from what I remember it's just a diner that is lucky enough to be in Montreal so have access to good bagels and smoked meat. Plus the one time I went they were really grumpy about seating 3 of us in a table for 4 because our fourth was a little late.

            2. re: ursa minor

              I agree about skipping Beauties.

              But I'd add the Jean-Talon Market and the shop there, Marche des saveurs, if you want some Quebec goodies to take home with you. The Market has lots of great shops and vendors. It's a great place to walk, explore and eat lunch from the various stalls and stands.

              http://www.lemarchedessaveurs.com/ (French only)

              1. re: maviris

                Not unique but typical is the number of people of all ages out and about on bicycles - rent/hire a bicycle (perhaps at La Maison des cyclistes or elsewhere on the Plateau) and explore that way.

                Another typical feature is the number of BYOW ("apportez votre vin") restaurants, very few of which charge corkage fees. You will find many threads on the best BYO's here and on other foodie boards.

                Agree that Beauties is nothing special, and not worth queuing for.

                1. re: maviris

                  Not that it's any better than Beauty's, but Bagel Etc. on St-Laurent just south of Marie-Anne has better decor and fewer line-ups. I think it's a good place for a tourist to go and get that Montreal vibe.

                  Also, Wilensky's Light Lunch at the corner of Fairmount and Clark definitly qualifies as a uniquely Montreal experience. It's open for lunch only. Make sure you read the rules before ordering.

                  1. re: maviris

                    I was dating a girl whose best friend's parents are the couple who run Marche des Saveurs.

                    I was lucky enough to be invited over to their house for sunday dinner - I arrived to see 3 generations making fresh pasta in the kitchen for the dinner. Rest assured the rest of the evening continued like that and ended up a lot later and a lot drunker than I anticipated - dope!

            3. POUTINE PIZZA
              Bella Donna's on Mt Royal

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                That's worth a picture, anyway, if only to convince those who don't believe that such a thing exists.

                1. re: Mr F

                  Is the triple bypass included?