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Mar 1, 2014 01:42 PM

It was not Van Bobby Vans.....

But the beef, collected in the photo from a bowl of beef noodle with soup is about the same in mass as a steak at Bobby Vans.

An amnesia came over me, and all I remember was that I had considered, before the amnesia, of going to Bobby Vans Steak house.

Between the time of my consideration, and the time, the photos were taken, amnesia came over me.

I only remember extracting from a chili spiced reddish soup, delicious semi-wide, a bit nice kind of thick, noodles, and eating them from a plate that I applied an assortment of on the table, no sugar added, chili (red oil chili; cut and lightly pickled; and a thick hot sauce).

A most delectable dinning experience was had by.....well, I only remember my chowhound name, jonkyo.

And a plate of delightful feet of pig, was part of the experience.

Funny, I remember animals names with this amnesia.

I am sure the name of this venue will come to me soon.

But, the title, Bobby Van....unlike the same mass of beef at bobby van's, this beef was soft, soaked a bit in a nice soup, and had from top to bottom, good amounts of fat.

Steak, as I remember it is called, is overrated.

But it does put us close to the animal it comes from, by making us chew so much. What do cows do all day, while standing? Well, at Bobby Vans at least we sit while chewing on the gazer's flesh.

Wait....the name of the spectacular bowl of noodle about 6 dollars Red Bowl in Flushing.

That is Taiwan style beef noodle soup...remembering correctly.

This place is nice, the staff wonderful.

They have Chaozhou Style dishes too.

The table next had duck.

They do clay bowl items too.

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  1. Looks very unappetizing

    1. I have my glasses on and I agree unappetizing is a kind way to put it.

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      1. re: MaryC

        Yes. It looks grayish and slimy.

        1. re: Sluggo1407

          Literally one of the worst food photographs I've ever seen. Jonkyo's unique brand of message board performance art has never looked so unappealing. That beef looks so cheap I'm surprised their not giving it away.

          1. re: AubWah

            It is raw photography. It is the utter opposite of studio shots.

            I am glad it stirred you to comment.

            Besides, that was a sloppy table due to my organizational assault on the food. Meaning, extracting them from their served dishes.

            I am one who prefers to have the soup and any significant solid items, served on a plate, separate from the soup. No one complained due to the slop seen above in the photo.

      2. If you are chewing your steak like a cow chews its cud, you're eating some pretty crappy steak. You should boil that stuff into oblivion like in your pic.