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Acton Area , Help!! Finding Large Private Room or Function Hall

Help CHers! I have learned that I have to plan a casual party for about 100 later this month and am having a hard time finding a venue. This will be on a Sunday evening (early). I don't think I can find a restaurant in this area that can fit that many people; I've been unsuccessful so far. Another option is to have it at a function hall. I emailed Exchange Hall, but can't find any others. Does anyone know of any other function halls in the area or restaurants with a really large private room? Thank you.

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  1. You might try the Acton Jazz Cafe on Rte 2A. They are primarily a music club but they do serve a wide range of pub food and perhpas they could do more if you asked.

    1. what about a hotel?
      Radisson in Chelmsford

      Holiday Inn Boxborough

      or Westford Regency

      1. Maynard Elks, Maynard Rod and Gun, Concord rod and Gun.

        1. Gibbet Hill in Groton, MA

          1. Good ideas, thank you!

            1. what's the range? we've done events at Fireflies in Marlboro...they will book the entire back room (Dante's) with pool tables and tvs, and set up a buffet. We've had several work events there and its been decent. I'm sure it handles 100 people.

              1. Concord's Scout House is bare bones but it could work.

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                  I got married at the Concord Scout House, and have very fond feelings towards it. The kitchen is pretty decent and my caterer was able to work there comfortably (although we had a late-morning wedding with a buffet brunch, so they weren't doing any actual cooking there.) One caveat, and the reason I didn't suggest the Scout House myself: at the time of my wedding, in 2002, we were allowed to buy a special insurance rider to allow us to serve alcohol. I'm not certain that's still an option.

                  (Also - eep! Weekend rental is now a $950, 5-hour minimum!)

                  Here's a link to their website:

                2. Also - there are a lot of country clubs out there. Nashawtuc and Concord Country Club in Concord.

                  1. Thanks, never heard of the Concord Scout House, will check it out thx!

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                      Try Wedgewood Pines or Stow Acres.