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Feb 7, 2002 07:20 AM

Help me choose between these restaurants

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My husband and I will be going on a weekend getaway to Montreal, staying at a downtown hotel. The deal includes a fairly substantial coupon good at one of the following restaurants: Le Gutenberg, Fouquet's, Le Soubise, le Cafe du Nouveau Monde, Bonaparte, Auberge le Saint-Gabriel, Chez L'Epicier et Chez Queux. (Whew - what a list to type!) While we will be exploring other restaurants for the rest of the weekend, mostly at places mentioned in this message board (thank you all!), we would like to take advantage of this coupon deal. Any experience with these listed restaurants? Any to avoid at all costs, any that are pretty good?

Thanks for the advice!

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  1. Recent exprerience with two on the list:

    Fouquet's: a branch plant of the Paris institution. Fair to midling, at best.

    Bonaparte: small, nice atmosphere, good.

    Happy trails...

    1. I personally love Bonaparte, good french food in a bistro setting. The tasting menu is to die for. Bonaparte is located in Old Montreal as well, which is a must-see for any visitor to the city....

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        Bonaparte is wonderful. The staff at Chez l'Epicier (on July 6, 2002) were unkind to my non-francophone boyfriend. The bartender belittled him for not comprehending French- the host was simply cool with disbelief, but offered no solutions. Please go to one of the many nice French restaurants- Toque, Les Halles, Bonaparte-- Chez l'Epicier is not worth it.

      2. Bonaparte, most definently. The service is top notch. I have the escargot for first course and the lobster in vanilla sauce. My mother had the ravioli and then the sole. For dessert we had the chocolate chip souffle. Amazing, amazing, and the prices are really good for the quality. For breakfast you should try and go to Olive and Gourmando, they also have lunch. Oh, and if you get a chance there's an Italian Restaurant, Da Emma, which is totally amazing, I wish I was eating their porcini pasta right now.
        I've been to Fouquet's in Paris and it was good...but there are alot better places.

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          Ditto everything izzizzi says. I keep hearing mixed things about l'Epicier. Some people say it's still great, others that their resting on their laurels and just phoning it in. Other places you might want to try are Brunoise up on the Plateau and Le Club Chasse et Peche in Old Montreal.

        2. I am a huge fan of chez l'epicier and have only had good experiences with the wait staff.

          1. Why was this five-year-old thread revived?

            AFAIK, Gutenberg, Fouquet and Soubise don't even exist anymore.

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            1. re: carswell

              Oops. Didn't read the dates of the original posts. Well at least Bonaparte, O&G, Chez l'Epicier, Da Emma, Brunoise, and CC&P are all still alive and well. :)