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Mar 1, 2014 11:11 AM

50th Anniversary Bethany Beach, DE

Hope you CH's can help me out, looking for a nice restaurant with a private room in the Bethany Beach vicinity (30 mile radius or so) for in-law's 50th anniversary. Looking for early September, after Labor Day and hopefully the beach crowds.
Something with a nice selection of different dishes, sit down service maybe not a buffet, not necessarily gourmet as they do not care as much about that, but high quality.

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  1. There are, probably, multiple options. One suggestion would be the historic Brick Hotel in Georgetown. It does cater to groups although you did not specify how many will be attending your event.
    The food and service are decent and they have a number of options for less adventurous eaters. Plus, the venue is gorgeous.

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      I would second the Brick Hotel. Another possibility is Fish On in Lewes as they have a private dining room that should hold a good size group.

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        I wanted to check back, and thank you profusely! We ended up at The Brick Hotel in Georgetown, and what a perfect, fantastic evening! Originally we had planned the party for October, but father-in-law came back from Europe and developed pneumonia. We postponed the party with The Brick easily, with no issue. When it became clear that we would be less than half the number we anticipated, Kelly was able to suggest a plan and new room for us. The room was beautiful, the food (though not gourmet) was high quality, and perfect for our group. We had opted for a meal option with 5 choices, all had filet mignon or Maryland crab cakes except 2 people, 1 had pasta and and liked it very much, the other had the fish of the day (did not get to ask about that entree.) The filet were cooked medium, and served with a nice sauce, they were great, very tender. Also on the plate were roasted asparagus with sea salted baked potatoes. The Maryland Crab Cakes were mostly crab, with very little additional added except to be a binder. We had cupcakes delivered from a nearby bakery, they were good. I am not a fan of cakes with too sweet frosting, but people seemed to like them. We had the room until 9, and they let us stay after as long as we liked. The server, Lisa, was wonderful.
        I would highly recommend this place for a function, and look forward to returning just for a family meal in the future.

    2. The Parkway Restaurant, which is right in Bethany, may be what you're looking for. Private room, varied menu.