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Jan 29, 2002 09:07 AM

Seeking kid-friendly/great food restaurants

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We're heading up to Montreal for a couple of nights over President's Day weekend with our 7 yr old adventurous eater. Looking for recommendations on restaurants that serve great food and would be kid friendly. Ethnic cuisine is fine, too. In other words, we're looking for something between "family" restaurants and romantic temples of cuisine.

On the short list are Chez Leveque and L'Express. Any good seafood places we should add to the list? What about Moishe's? Friends have told us the steaks are great but I can't get a sense for the atmoshpere.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I can only address L'Express, which is OK. (I'm from VT, asked for similar help a few weeks seems that Montrealers are not interested in "kid friendly" dining??) Regardless, L'Express is noisy and fun (but smoke-filled) and the ribs and chicken are well cooked. The sauces are generic. My 7-year old liked it, my 3-year old thought it was fun for the first half-hour. Have not been to Moishe's yet (if you go, let me know!)

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      I assume what you are looking for is restaurants that do not fall into the "family dining" category, i.e. burgers, fries and a salad bar.

      Moishe's is v. good. Atmosphere, imo, is somewhat stuffier than at l'Express or chez Leveque, but I have noticed many family parties there. As to l'Express, we often have extended family bashes there (both the family and the bash are extended), though the smoking - non smoking division is, as pointed out, somewhat theoretical. However, I was not aware that they served chicken and ribs w. sauces (?). In the comfort food category, I would suggest Laurier BBQ (appropriately enough, on Laurier Street in Outremont). An institution: BBQ chicken, ribs, mashed potatoes, sugar pie etc... Very family without being franchise (which it isn't).

      Anyway, as a rule, if the children in question can sit through supper at home for a couple of hours without getting bored, they will do well in most restaurants. In my exprerience, most restaurants, at the very least, do not have a problem with children and many will make an effort for them (portions, particular requests, even crayons and paper) .

      Happy trails...

      1. re: François

        Thanks, Francois. You are exactly right about the kind of place we're seeking, and it's more a question of atmosphere than anything else. Although our 7-yr old can usually last through a long meal if our timing is right (i.e. she's not overtired to begin with) and loves to eat mussels, sushi and a really good steak, we generally avoid eating "en famille" at restaurants that have a more subdued or romantic atmosphere.

        Chez Leveque is high on our list because good friends who travel to Montreal frequently recommended it. I'd also like to give Schwartz's a try since my husband loves deli. The Greek fish restaurants sound really good, too.

        I the spring we'll be taking our oldest daughter for a visit to McGill. She's a real foodie and will be looking forward to some good meals!