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Mar 1, 2014 10:19 AM

Miami Brunch on a Budget

Need some recs on a place to go for brunch in Miami that doesnt break the bank but still has decent food and maybe a nice view/outdoor space. Group likes to drink so unlimited mimosas/bloodies are usually good options could be buffet or a la carte.. Been to Rusty Pelican, food not good, view was awesome; Biltmore too expensive...basically looking for a cool place to hang out have some drinks and decent food on a sunday..any help will be appreciated!

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  1. In SOBE:

    You can try Restaurant Michael Schwartz on the beach -- never been -- heard good things but don't think their brunch has the all you can drink mimosas. It is a great place to go on a Sunday.

    Barceloneta and PB Steak have great brunches and outdoor seating but I don't think the outdoor seating is an amazing experience at either spot. Barceloneta does have an all you can drink offer PB steak does not.

    The standard qualifies as a cool place with decent food to hang out on a Sunday but serves a regular lunch menu.

    1. Best Brunch in Miami remains Michael's Genuine (Design District) great brunch drinks too although not unlimited.

      On South Beach, Tongue & Cheek takes brunch seriously and also offers bottomless Bloodys, Mimosas and Bellinis

      1. Thanks for the suggestions! Ended up cancelling and going to Josh's deli with just 2 ppl!! :) will def consider your suggestions for next time..

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