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Mar 1, 2014 10:18 AM

Easter Sunday in Florence

Looking for a recommendation for dinner out in Florence on Easter Sunday. We are a party of four, and we care more about the food than an elegant atmosphere, but would also like to be able to make a reservation to assure we have a table. Thanks!

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  1. Was there on Easter Sunday some 12 years ago. Try to welcome the day at the basilica, and make a lunch reservation. Most people have a big lunch out in a restaurant on Easter Sunday. Since it has been so many years, I don't recall the name of the restaurant we ate in.

    1. following up on the prior recommendation, there have been several threads over the years about Sunday dinining in Florence. If you put Florence Sunday into the search box up top of this board, you may get some ideas.

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        Keep in mind, the experience in the square out side the church is one to remember, even for a person not of the Christian faith!!!! don't miss it..

      2. You should definitely plan on having Sunday lunch, not dinner.

        Sunday is a bit hard in Florence.
        Santo Bevitore is open, and has great food and a relaxed atmosphere.
        Tre Soldi is a taxi ride away, but excellent and a bit more formal.
        Olio e Convivium might have a special Easter menu which would be fun.

        1. well actually--- if you want insane dining-- and the experience-- holiday meals are always at lunch--

          which means the restaurant FILLS at 1 and is insane.

          dinner would be much more relaxing-

          When italians come out to celebrate-- they take hours to eat, service will be slow... but a true experience!

          1. We'll also be in Florence on Easter! Tagging this thread for replies.