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Mar 1, 2014 09:56 AM

Bachelorette dinner with vegetarian options near ocean beach

Hi San Diego!

I'll be visiting from Boston in late March for a bachelorette party that I am helping to plan, and I have been getting nowhere with a restaurant selection. We'll be staying in Ocean Beach and are looking for something fun and hopefully a little funky with good vegetarian options. This is not going to be a matching tshirts, penis necklace + tiara type event, if that's helpful- just 6-8 girls getting together over good food, etc. I was hoping for something upscale-ish with a great cocktail list like Alchemy or Craft+Commerce (which I understand to be too far from OB to be good options for us- please let me know if you think otherwise.) So far I haven't found any related discussions that are up to date, but certainly direct me to other threads if I've missed something.

6-8 ladies, Saturday Night in March.

I appreciate your help!


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  1. Craft+Commerce wouldn't be that far of a cab ride from Ocean Beach, so I wouldn't rule that out yet. The new Juniper & Ivy which opens soon might be another option in that same general area as well. Starlite is in that area too.

    Alchemy is great but would be a pretty lengthy cab ride unless you have cars. Uber and Lyft are sometimes more economical options for getting around in San Diego too.

    By far the closest restaurant to Ocean Beach in that same vein is Sessions Public. I forget if they have a full bar but I think they do. They don't aim quite as high as the places mentioned above, but it is good.

    1. You should give BoBeau in Ocean Beach a call and see what they can do for you. We had a gluten-freer with us last time we were there - she had checked their online menu beforehand and they clearly mark such items. I would imagine a vegetarian could order the brussel sprouts minus the pancetta (etc.) and I bet the flatbreads could be made to order, as well.

      FYI- I uber'd from downtown to BoBeau in OB last week for $21.

      1. Well, if you're willing to drive south towards the downtown area, esp. if the Uber fare is within your budget, then I might look at Cucina Urbana.

        Good cocktail selection and a veggie friendly menu.

        1. I'm surprised that no one mentioned 3rd Corner... The menu isn't packed with veggie options. However, most items seem like they could be vegetarian-ized.
          I'd also second Bo Beau. Sessions Public is nice, but I find it a little stale on atmosphere - btw, they do have a full bar (not just wine and beer).
          OB is hard place to find anything "upscale". It's best at being just what it is - a sunny place for shady people!

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          1. re: CampySD

            Thanks for these great suggestions! I made a reservation at Starlite, but now I wonder if it's more a bar destination than dinner? We are definitely game for taking an uber or a cab. I like the look of cucina urbana and might change the reservation. Are any of these in an area where there are walkable bars for after dinner? Starlite I've read is somewhat isolated.

            Thanks again!

            1. re: accboston

              Starlite is a good restaurant for dinner but just OK for cocktails. Cucina Urbana might be the better option for a place with good food and drinks (wine, cocktail). Both places have no good bars in walking distance

              1. re: honkman

                Oddly, I view Starlite completely the opposite way - its good for cocktails and snacks, but not great for dinner.

                1. re: jmtreg

                  ...and I'll chime in by saying that Starlite is an excellent choice for both. Honkmann finds the cocktails lacking and I do not: they skip the "craft cocktail" notion and make great drinks with excellent booze sans hipster cocktail shaman. Jmtreg isn't hot on the food, but I feel there's something to be said for excellent ingredients cooked with skill.

                  Yes, the neighborhood is a bit odd, but is easy landing from OB and offers the Aero Club for a post event if the night looks to take a turn to hot tears of nostalgia shed into a glass of one of the endless selections of whiskey they stock.

                  Starlite: consider reserving a corner table by the entrance.


                  1. re: SaltyRaisins

                    I love Starlite for food and drinks. Aero Club is a great bar for after (not just for whiskey) and a few blocks down you'll find Bar Dynamite if you want to have a dance party...very fun place!

                    1. re: SaltyRaisins

                      Actually, I like the food, but I don't think of it as a dinner place (i.e., full entrees). Aside from the burger, I don't think I've ordered a single entree. The appetizers are good-great, though.