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Mar 1, 2014 08:37 AM

Cleaning your countertop: what do you use and why?

Alton Brown recommends a dilute solution of bleach for cleaning countertops, which seems like a good idea, but I have two fears: (1) our Corian countertops will develop a milky haze and, I fear, that once on there, the haze will not be removable. This will lead to my girlfriend killing me.

The second fear is that the bleach will get into the food--like when I am rolling out dough--and kill me.

What do you like to use to get your countertops really sanitary?

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  1. if i were in your position, i'd "ask" the manufacturer of corian.

    of course, i have my favorites, BUT my countertop is quartz and my favorites could end up being disastrous for your corian countertop.

    1. I have laminate and I just use 409 and Clorox wipes. When I had granite I used the wipes and a spray cleaner made for granite, forget the name of it though.

      1. I have corian, paperwork recommended ammonia or bleach

        I use bleach, about 2T to 16 oz of water.

        I bet DuPont has a web site with instructions

        If you are worried about using bleach, I bet Clorox has a web site with instructions

        1. Home-made water,ammonia, and a few drops of Dawn in a used squirt bottle for everyday use.We have Formica.
          When we are working with our hard ciders and meads we use a commercial sanitizer called StarSan. We wipe,dunk, soak,everything including us, with it. It is a non rinse product.
          If you are really worried about keeping a sterile kitchen,( we are not except when brewing/bottling), get some StarSan from a home brewing source.

          1. I use two sprays. 409 and then I use diluted vinegar behind it. I started using the vinegar because it makes the glass top stove really shiny. Then I thought about the fact that it probably gets the 409 chemical off the counters too.