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Mar 1, 2014 07:59 AM

What are you baking these days? March 2014 edition! [through March 31, 2014]

Hello all, here we are in good old March, the month in which Spring arrives...we hope. It's come in like a bit of a bellwether here, sunny but cold -- and more snow Monday, it seems.
I'm finishing off the sour rye pain de seigle that I started last weekend (work circumstances and an emergency tooth extraction conspired against me finishing it before this, I refrigerated the sponge until such time as).
Also made the dough for a variation of the Chinese almond coolies in "The Brass Sisters' Heirloom Baking" -- an excellent book by the way -- the recipe uses LARD and the cookies have an amazing texture when done to the recipe, just like the almond cookies of Chinese restaurants of yore. I added a cup of raw hazelnuts to the flour mix, plus 1/2 tsp baking soda for more lift/crackle, and needed an extra egg for the dough to be pliable. We shall see how they turn out.
What are you getting up to in your neck of the woods?

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  1. This morning, granary bread using malted flour. Added a teaspoon of black treacle which gave it a rich colour and a hint of sweetness.

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    1. Carrot Cake Cookies are on my list for this weekend.

      1. We're having an annual dinner tonight that we've held with the same couples for more than 15 years. One of them is a famous chef who has gotten 4 stars from the NY Times on more than one occasion, but who only has restaurants in Hong Kong now. It's always fried chicken and all the fixings, made by rjbh20, and desserts made by me. The sour cherry pie, which is also a standard for this dinner, is in the oven now. I hoard the cherries in the freezer from July's farmer's market. A coconut custard pie is cooling in the dining room, and a banoffee pie is in the fridge, just waiting for its halo of whipped cream and chocolate shavings. I adapted this recipe, but I didn't do it deep dish:

        Photos to follow later, and I hope they all look and taste great!

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          Sounds amazing. What time, what address?

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            I wish said chef still had a place here. I was just thinking about that.

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                  Sour cherries!

                  I love sour cherry pies. My father is from a part of Pennsylvania that is lousy with orchards, including sour cherries, so the pies were always on our summer menus as a child.

                  We live overseas and when we return to the US, for our first meal home my mother always makes her fried chicken and pulls out a sour cherry pie from the freezer. Good minds think alike :)

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                      Never even heard of a sour cherry cooked pie! I have two trees always just make topping for cheesecakes with them.

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                        Sour cherry pies are amazing - maybe even my favorite! Bursting with flavor.

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                          Wow! I'm shocked to hear that! Try it. They're great!

                      2. I want to make Moroccan Almond Macaroons, but am trying to settle on a recipe. I have the one in Arabesque, but I kind of wanted to do one with more of an airy texture.

                        1. ok those raspberry muffins with pecan streusel were so good I made a second match today and used up the rest of the raspberries and leftover topping.

                          These were the ones from the CIA Breakfast and Brunches cookbook.

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                                Yes. I've had the cookbook for years and didn't really think to look for the recipe online.