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Mar 1, 2014 06:54 AM

Steer Seller in Ridge (Long Island): A wonderful, old fashioned butcher/deli

My sincere thanks to Chris VR for recommending this place, it instantly became a new favorite of ours.

They are on Rte 25 just west of Wm Floyd, in Ridge. Loved everything about it from the second I opened the door. Sort of like Arthur Ave, minus the talking in Italian. The owner told me his father and grandfather were butchers up in Yonkers, so we had a nice talk about the good old days. Such a friendly place. And they have a nice little selection of hard to find Italian groceries too.

I only went there to check out their bones, because that's how the subject had come up here. Had to grab some of the nicest beef shins I've ever seen, all marrow, right inside the front door. I really was looking for a ham bone which he didn't have but instead he gave me the most beautiful smoked ham hocks I have ever seen. Tons of meat in there.

But the best was, he makes his own roast beef and turkey for cold cuts; so rare to find that now. You start thinking Boars Head is fine and then find out you are so wrong, you just forgot how good a full sized, trimmed and tied, deli roast is. I got a lb of his roast beef, and as soon as we got home I went to make a couple of sandwiches, no waiting until dinner. Trouble was, it was so delicious we just kept picking at it before I got started, but luckily ended up with just enough for two fat sandwiches. Can't wait to go back for more, and turkey too next time.

Their catering menu was fantastic too; made me think about the next time my family visits, which is a first. He does Italian heroes so will be returning soon for one, that's a holy grail for me. Betting his veal is great too, I might just change my Easter menu now. Great find!

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  1. Thanks! Looking forward to trying the Roast Beef and Italian hero.

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    1. re: MacTAC

      I'm dying to go right back but unfortunately too many "snow day" meals planned in the near future. My husband disagrees though!

    2. Yayyyy! So glad you loved it! Be sure to check out the sausage when grilling time rolls around! John (the owner) is an old family friend.

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      1. re: Chris VR

        I sure will, bet it's cheaper than Del Fiore too. The scary thing is, I got home with my goodies and what was in my mailbox? A glossy ad from Del Fiore, like they knew what I was doing. I had to laugh!

      2. The original comment has been removed