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Mar 1, 2014 05:29 AM

Harvard Square: what's on your list?

Despite my login, I haven't lived in Harvard Square since 2007 and so much has changed since then. If you were to do a multi-stop eating/drinking tour of the square, where would you go? Going to Alden & Harlow tomorrow night but want to make some stops for drinks before. Used to enjoy Noir for cocktails, but I know there are a lot of new options. Help get me up to speed in 2014!

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  1. I don't spend lots of time in Harvard Sq and I don't drink but I like Russell House Tavern for its interesting menu (has what looks like a nice bar), and Flat Patties for a quick, cheap and yummy burger.

    1. One of my favorite cocktails of late is the Valkeryie at Russel House. So good if you like bitter, floral whisky based cocktails

      1. Kaju Tofu House has great Korean soups, Cafe Pamplona is a nice funky lunch spot and the Beehive is a good place for drinks and live music. Crema Cafe for coffee.

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          I think you mean the Beat Hotel, not the Beehive. We had a very nice brunch there this morning (short rib Benedict) and the jazz was top-notch. There are two long bars on the right of the restaurant but we didn't have anything other than coffee to drink so I can't comment on the cocktails. Fun, friendly place.