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Mar 1, 2014 05:20 AM

Family fun eats on Sat Sun in Nassau

Two families with kids ages 2 -14... out and about for a weekend of fun and games.
Anything you can recommend to eat before we end up at Dennys ?


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  1. FWIW, dinner at Cara Cara. With kids seemed like a challenge, but it wasn't. Really professional waitstaff. Really professional. Really.


    It's that with so many kids we were looking to avoid family restaurants that serve shit on a shingle, but not go too upscale and get the problems associated with so many kids in their face.

    Problem solved with Cara Cara. The Farmingdale location worked great with our schedule and location. Food was very good for adults and kids. Kids ordered from the kids menu and from the appetizer menu. And since we were just 'off' in our timing, we weren't in anyones way.

    Looking forward to another return soon.


    Pizza at Umberto’s of New Hyde Park in Wantagh.


    Breakfast with a crowd of kids at Imperial Diner in Freeport.