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Mar 1, 2014 04:31 AM

Weight Watchers Foodies -- March Forth Edition! -- March 2014 [OLD]

As far as I know, March is the only month that has a date that commands you, which is March 4th. So that should be our cue this month to march forth towards healthy eating and weight loss.

For those of us who have struggled, the arrival of spring this month should remind us of a new beginning and a fresh start each and every day.

Let's continue to inspire each other in the kitchen and on the scale, Weight Watchers Foodies!

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  1. So my brother came home from California on Monday night and has moved in with me and my fiance. I was a little concerned about how his presence would affect our routine and the food that is present in our home.

    I was at the store and texted him to see if he needed anything. Greek yogurt, he said. Well, that's not bad. Then he says that he's trying to avoid all processed/added sugars. Awesome!

    So apparently Cali (or growing up a little) had a good influence on him, so he won't be having a bad influence on me. :)

    And I'm hoping that having him here will cause me to a little more diligent with cooking dinner. "Oh, we'll just have pasta" won't come so easily when I know there is someone else trying to be healthy.

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      That's great. Wonderful to have someone who also wants to eat healthy food.

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        That's really great! Staying on track is so much easier when you have more people to keep you accountable.

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          That's great! Having like- minded dining companions makes things much easier!

        2. It was restaurant week here, and last Thursday was a 70 point day. Ooops... On the bright side, I tracked everything, I still have 2 WPs left, and I have a 10 mile run tomorrow, so it should even out.
          Wins and great finds from last month that are definitely keepers:
          -cauliflower rice (does not taste like rice, but very tasty, and great with curry)
          -Wegman's honey mustard chicken and turkey breasts
          - banana ice cream
          - Emily bites pumpkin sausage pasta
          - my "random soup" made with veg broth, tofu, ginger, garlic, bok choy, and whatever vegetables I have on hand
          - roasted butternut squash. A bit high in carbs, but still a nice alternative to potatoes. I've experimented with all kinds of glazes and seasonings, and it is consistently good.

          Fails that I want to keep revisiting because I love the idea but just can't get them right:
          - egg cups/ mini crustless quiches. No matter what I do, they stick or get gummy
          - cauliflower pizza crust

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            Well, done, nerdette, tracking it all!

            AND I love the idea of your "mini" month in review.

            What's the texture of the cauliflower rice like? Does it reheat well?

            I can't wait for you to get the egg cups right!

            Wow, cauliflower pizza crust is a fascinating idea.

            As for me, I'm trying something new today. I usually do all of my cooking for the week on Sunday, but I still feel rushed on Mondays. So, I'm trying to get some cooking done today, instead. Pork chops in the crock right now, zero point soup (with barley) is on, wild rice is on, and I've got some pumpkin steel cut oats ready to go in the slow cooker for tonight.

            We'll see!

            And thank you, roxlet, for getting us started. Have you ever tried doing one of the WW workbooks like "Find your fingerprint" (comes in the current kit) or "Success Handbook"--they talk a lot about finding your motivation again. Just wondered if something like that might help you through your current difficult patch.


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              Cauliflower pizza crust takes some practice, must be far drier than you ever thought you could get it and I recommend using parmesan for some of the cheese since it will kept crisper than mozzarella, which helps the stability.

            2. Hi, gang! I realized tonight I hadn't checked in here in several weeks. Still on maintenance and on track. I don't track religiously, and I adore myself more indulging than before, but I mostly still eat very WW-ish. It's become ingrained, I guess. And I'm happy about that. I was nervous about maintenance, but I've got this! Lifetime here I come! 10 more days... hope you're all doing well!

              1. I'm saving weekly points for champagne and oscar snacks tomorrow. Had a good dinner: thai beet soup, thai tofu apple salad and spicy eggplant pizza. It worked out to 15pts and was quite filling. Baby is starting solids so my points will soon be diminished. I'm very sad about that.

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                  Join us here in the real WW world!

                  1. re: roxlet

                    I'll have to start, ugh, working out!

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                    I hadn't even considered that our baby is now on solids and thus nursing less, thank you for the reminder!
                    How do you adjust for this?
                    Pre-pregnancy I got 28 points, have been at 40 since nursing. -40 seems ridiculously high, but I managed to adjust and eat them up. :/
                    Do you split the difference or just go back down to pre-nursing points?

                    1. re: rabaja

                      I think there is an option for nursing but augmenting with solids or formula. + 7 pts instead of +14. I'm going to stick with the +14 pts for the moment, but when my weight loss stalls, I'll bump it down to +7 pts.