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suggestions for a 30th dinner

We are treating the family(5-8) (so the best bang for our buck is appreciated). Wondering
about new to the foodie scene.
Pretty open but I am thinking not Asian.

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  1. When? What date? What's your budget per person before tax, tip, alcohol?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Budget is flexible within reason...not EMP range! May/June. Was considering Scarpettas.

    2. Trying again...please help with your suggestions.

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        You've given no details, which is why you got no responses.

        In a city with over 10,000 dining options, the more details about your preferences you can provide, the more helpful hounds can be. Otherwise, we're just a bunch of strangers naming random places.

        Happy to do the latter but don't know if that's helpful:
        The Dutch
        Marc Forgione

      2. " Wondering
        about new to the foodie scene."

        If you mean new restaurants eater ny just published their updated heatmap:

        1. If you want some awesome seafood... check out flex mussels, Crispo is great for italian and they have a big back table you can sit at that can accommodate that many people. Pizza/microbrew beer there is tobys public house which I am a big fan of. You have any other thoughts on how nice it needs to be? I just turned 30 and these would all be great options.


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            crispo looks great - especially the marrow selections!

          2. Kefi is a lot of fun with a group that size AND it won't break the bank...


            1. thanks so much for your suggestions - and the great link! Love learning of these new - to me - places. Sorry if I was evasive - not particular - except for great food - and not breaking the bank!

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                Bumping this up again.

                Would appreciate feedback on these considerations
                Dovetail - perhaps for Sunday Suppa - oh yes - we are going out on a Sunday in June.
                Locanda Verde
                Picholine - it has recently been on Savored which is helpful
                (June's calendar isn't out yet)
                Racette ?

                We are going to Del Posto for birthday lunch during the week a few weeks earlier.

                Any additional suggestions for Sunday specials would be appreciated.

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                  Dovetail's sunday suppa is very good but doesn't feel special occasion IMO.

                  I'm not a big fan of locanda verde, gorgeous setting but meals there haven't been memorable.

                  Mailiano would be my pick from your list but i haven't been to picholine

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                    Thanks Ttrockwood for that specific feedback. Would u have a different place to add and why? Is Mailiano a good choice? It seems picholine
                    might be nice and if savored continues with 20% off...

                    1. re: smilingal

                      I trust the other 'hounds here that Picholine would be a great choice, and Mailiano if you prefer italian.

              2. Love Picholine but it's definitely not "new to the foodie scene". The food is excellent (nothing too modern), elegant dining room, with attentive and friendly service. If I had to pick one word to describe Picholine, I would choose "charming".

                1. Picholine is wonderful but as mentioned, not "new" to the scene.

                  Betony may be something you would be interested in, fantastic food and fairly new.