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Feb 28, 2014 10:27 PM

Too Much Kaiseki (in Kyoto)?

I went a little crazy and made reservations for four kaiseki restaurants over a period of two days. Right now, I have:

Kikunoi (lunch)
Nakamura (dinner)
Chihana (lunch)
Kichisen (dinner)

I'm thinking, though, that might be too much kaiseki over four days. What do people think? And if that's a lot, which should be kept/cut? If it matters (or if you can't tell), when I travel, I'm the type that wants to eat at the city's "best" restaurant in terms of food. Don't care too much about service, atmosphere, etc.

Also, with that in mind, what non-kaiseki recommendations do people have for Kyoto?

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  1. Stick with the kaiseki. I think this is a great chance to compare these four restaurants. Besides, if you have trouble finding kaiseki where you live, this is an opportunity to get tired of it.

    1. It does seem like kind of a lot, but it really depends on your preferences. Are you likely to be overwhelmed by multiple courses four times in a row and want something simpler, or resent the time involved and wish you were spending it doing something else? If not, then go for it.

      1. go for it. and if you don't like it, don't repeat. and report back!

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          Yeah, take the Kaiseki. Leave the gun.

        2. 2 full kaiseki dinner per day seems a bit too much in my opinion.
          But I think it is indeed a good idea to experience it in different restaurants. Last time in Kyoto i went to Sakurada, which was comparatively easier to apprehend, and then to Nakamura which seemed much more traditional.

          The latter left me with a strange feeling of not belonging, or even not deserving this kind of meal as I didn't have the knowledge to fully understand and appreciate it. But one year later, it still haunts me and remains one of my all time favorite dining experience.
          Got some pictures of the dishes here if that helps:

          Unfortunately I have not been to the other 3 of your list, so can't help you decide which ones to cut.

          1. Did you already finish your trip to Kyoto? Im headed there next week and curious about your opinion on which kaiseki restaurant to visit....Thanks!